Barnes & Noble launches New $40-per-year Membership Program

Barnes & Noble has launched a new $40-per-year membership program to better understand their consumers needs and offer exclusive perks.

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Barnes & Noble enthusiasts are in for a treat with a newly launched $40-per-year membership with exclusive perks and discounts. The B&N Premium Membership will offer free delivery with no minimum purchase, a 10 percent discount in-store and online, and a free drink upgrade when you purchase at the store’s cafes, among other perks. 

The program will allow the company to learn what customers are buying and promote to them accordingly, Barnes and Noble CEO James Daunt said to The Wall Street Journal. The move is in line with membership services offered by retail stores such as Amazon, Walmart and Best Buy. 

A separate, lower-tier membership program, B&N Rewards, will allow customers to earn a virtual stamp for every $10 spent in-store and online, translating to $5 in store credit for every 10 stamps accumulated. 

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The new membership program replaces a $25-per-year membership that only offered discounts for purchases made in-store, while the new program includes discounts on online purchases as well. 

Currently, 5.5 million people are members of the old program, and Daunt expects at least 75 percent of those members to switch over to the new one, along with new customers. 

Already the largest bookstore chain in the United States, the company plans on opening an additional 30 stores throughout 2023 as customer demand remains high.

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