11 Book Recs with More Sequels than ‘Fast and Furious’

Love the ‘Fast and Furious’ movies? Love long book series? Here are 11 book recs with more than 10 sequels we think you might like.

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Dom Toretto has been living life one 1/4 mile at a time since Fast and the Furious released in 2001. This launched the Fast and Furious franchise into a multi-medium mainstream mega-power. With the new installment, Fast X, releasing this May, we thought we’d commemorate its long run with some book recs that’ll have you living life one sequel at a time.

1. The Wheel of Time by Robert Jordan


“The Wheel of Time turns and Ages come and pass. What was, what will be, and what is, may yet fall under the Shadow.

Let the Dragon ride again on the winds of time.”

— Robert Jordan

Epic High Fantasy series with 14 titles to its name, Jordan’s The Wheel of Time exhibits the classic markers of the genre’s structure while introducing new themes.

2. The Guild Hunter Series by Nalini Singh


Romance author Nalini Singh creates a fantasy world set on earth with a new hierarchical system led by the supernatural. North American Archangel Raphael recruits Guild Hunter Elena Deveraux to gather intelligence and capture a monster unlike any she’d hunted before. Sworn to silence or be condemned to death, Elena begrudgingly works alongside Raphael in this enemies-to-lovers tale. There are 15 books currently published in the series, with a promise of at least two more in the works. Members of Raphael’s Seven and Elena’s friends become the focus of many books within the series that keep the world fresh while maintaining a well-executed long-game plot.

3. Necroscope by Brian Lumley

necroscope fast and furious book recs

Coming in at 16 books, this horror series gives fans of this genre everything they want. Harry can talk to ghosts, and more importantly, he can utilize that power to travel through time and space to hunt down and kill the monsters trying to take over the world. He finds out that government agencies know of these superpowers, too, not all of which use them with just motives.

4. The Dresden Files by Jim Butcher


Storm Front kicks off this 17-book urban fantasy series with numerous novellas where Private Investigator Harry Dresden solves magical mysteries. Working alongside Chicago PD detective Karrin Murphy and getting sage advice from his spirit-possessed talking skull, Bob, Harry Dresden was only trying to make ends meet when he takes on a case with the Special Investigations department. It turns out there may have been more behind-the-scenes strings being pulled as the series progresses, and Harry finds himself in important battles with far-reaching consequences.

5. The Cotton Malone Series by Steve Berry


If you’re a fan of the Da Vinci Code, then you’ll love this series which starts with The Templar Legacy. Berry expertly meshes historical facts with thriller fiction as ex-Justice Department Agent turned Antique Book Store owner Cotton Malone constantly finds himself embroiled in new adventures. From discovering the truth about Jesus’ resurrection to deeply held secrets about the gender of Queen Elizabeth I, this 17-book series will be sure to keep you entertained and on the edge of your seat.

6. Immortals After Dark by Kresley Cole


Fated mates, supernatural creatures, romantic spice, and plenty of romance tropes to spare, this 19-book series that begins with The Warlord Wants Forever is sure to check every romance box on your checklist.

7. Corps Justice Series by C.G. Cooper


21 books packed with action. Cooper understands the military and Marines from first-hand experience, making this military action thriller series even more interesting and immersive. Retired Navy Cross recipient Cal Stokes is living a life of peace for the first time when he and his partner are attached by a street gang. Her death sparks a revenge plot heavily steeped in his military experience and grief.

8. The Black Dagger Brotherhood by J.R. Ward


The news just released that this 21-book series is being adapted into a movie series by Passionflix. Fans have expressed their delight in bringing their favorite paranormal couples to life. The series, starting with Dark Lover, spawned numerous spin-off series within the Black Dagger world. This series is a 3-4 chili pepper kind of spice level, so prepare yourself when immersing into their world.

9. Virgin River Series by Robin Carr


This 22-novel small-town romance series begins with recently widowed Melinda Monroe answering an ad for a nurse in a tiny remote town where, you guessed it, everyone knows everyone, and drama and intrigue are just as prevalent as romance. Each successive novel centers around a new couple. Incidentally, this series was adapted into a Netflix drama! Season 5 drops in 2023.

10. The Jessie Hunt Series by Blake Pierce


“Criminal profiler in training (and newlywed) Jessie Hunt, 29, discovers that dark secrets lurk in her new suburban town; when a body turns up dead, she finds herself caught in the crosshairs of her newfound friends, her husband’s secrets, her serial killer caseload—and the secrets of her own dark past.”

— Blake Pierce, The Perfect Wife

This 28-book psychological FBI thriller series follows Jessie Hunt throughout her training and as an active FBI agent. Start this series with The Perfect Wife, which is suspenseful, fast-paced, and emotionally gripping.

11. My Hero Academia by Kohei Horikoshi


Manga has taken the US by storm over the last decade, and this series is just one of the reasons why. This particular branch of the MHA universe is 34 volumes long, starting with Izuku Midoriya: Origin. The graphics of this Japanese Superhero world are insanely brilliant, the characters intriguing, and the action face-paced.

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