Amazon’s ‘Rings Of Power’ Might Actually Be Good

The Amazon Lord of the Rings series is set to release in September. But more importantly, it isn’t a remake!

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The Lord of the Rings is back, and thankfully not in the form of a reboot. According to Vanity Fair, the Amazon LOTR series, set to debut in September of this year, is set during the Second Age of Middle-Earth—at least one thousand years before the events of the Peter Jackson films. This means many fan-favorites haven’t even been born yet. But not all of them. For, one of the main characters of the new series will be a much younger Lady Galadriel. What this means, for both fans and newcomers alike is an entirely new experience based upon lesser-known Tolkien writings.

Now, this isn’t a straight-up Silmarillion adaptation, so don’t expect the original Dark Lord Morgoth’s rebellion against the Creator; or anything so obscure as the original war for the Silmarils. But what we will be getting is an epic story spanning several original mortal characters, in the vein of Game of Thrones. And, as the title “Rings of Power” suggests, the main overarching plot will hinge upon the creation of the Rings. All of the Rings, including the One To Rule Them All.

All in all, this seems like an exciting series. I may even actually watch it—and I don’t watch anything.