Ainara Alleyne’s New Website Offers Curriculum for Students and Teachers

With the success of her TV series and Instagram, Ainara Alleyne has announced an upcoming new website for students and teachers. Read on for more!

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With wide audiences for children’s books and YA, middle-grade books don’t always get as much attention. If you’re looking for middle-grade books to read or just want to read from an author you haven’t read from before, Ainara Alleyne will be launching a new website called Ainara’s Book Club, following her TV series Ainara’s Bookshelf and Instagram where she shares book reviews and recommendations.

A Resource for Students and Teachers

Compared to the TV series and Instagram, the focus of Ainara’s Book Club is much more centered on providing a resource for students and teachers to dive deeper into the stories that they read.

Currently, books that will be featured in the book club will:

…contain four curriculum aligned sections ranging from ‘comprehension (research and resources), go deeper (new learnings), get creative (activity), and a journal activity (writing prompts)’.

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Ainara’s Heart for Sharing Diverse Stories

From the very start of her Instagram account, Aimara aimed to showcase children of color represented in books, as well as the nuances of different experiences and cultures that would otherwise be only seen through a stereotypical lens. As her account has grown and with the development of her TV show and this new website, it’s clear that Aimara continues to put in the work and heart of sharing new stories with her audience.

Even at a glance, her Instagram exhibits various interviews, highlights, and moments of her speaking to a young audience. Her work gives young readers a chance to get recommendations from a fellow young reader.

If you love middle-grade books, know someone looking for middle-grade recommendations, or are an educator yourself looking for more tools and reading resources, Ainara’s website will be launched on May 14.

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