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This week’s Three to Read introduces readers to inspiring stories about a rejected model, an activist queen, and a train-hopping nomad.

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Hey, hey book lovers! Welcome back to Three to Read where we bring you our hottest reads that are hitting bookstores this week. Normally by this time, many people find themselves quitting their New Year’s resolutions—if they’ve even started them to begin with. To encourage our readers to fulfill their wildest dreams, we’ve brought you three picks that remind us that we can restart our lives at any time and any place. After all, life is unpredictable. Why not cut ourselves some slack as we try to figure things out?

Hot Pick

The Last Professional

by Ed Davis



After decades of traveling the railways and living the nomadic life, author Ed Davis puts a fictional spin on the lifestyle he once led. Lyndon Hoover turns to the railroads when his past becomes too much to bear. He joins the Knights of the Road, meeting The Duke who becomes his mentor during this precarious new direction in his life. But the railways aren’t as free as Hoover first anticipated because the hobo life will challenge his trustworthiness and morality in ways he could have never imagined. You’ll have to read to discover if the beloved train-hopper will make it to the other side of his new chaotic life.


The nomadic lifestyle has been revered since the days of the Beat Generation. However, very few actually lived (and survived) the dangers of the railways. Ed Davis returns to writing with his highly anticipated fictional adventure based on his own life on rails. Accompanied by beautiful illustrations by Colin Elgie, this story will fulfill your adventurous side during a time when our adventures are still limited. So take a ride with Davis and Hoover as we welcome you into the world of riding trains.

Coffee Shop Read

The Magnolia Palace

by Fiona Davis



Lillian Carter was once one of the most sought-after sculpture models in New York City. But after she loses her mother and her job, Lillian finds herself lost as she blindly wanders through life, trying to find her next opportunity. She soon discovers the infamous Frick mansion, becoming tied to the family in ways she could have never anticipated. Years later, a model named Veronica Weber stumbles upon the mansion and discovers the secrets Lillian left behind. Will the clues that Lillian left behind save Veronica from the same fate?


For fans of books like Nita Prose’s The Maid, Fiona Davis invites her readers into the mysterious, but not so beautiful, lives of the wealthy. All that looks perfect on the outside isn’t so on the inside, teaching Davis’s readers that at the end of the day, life is just a facade. We hope you enjoy this alluring tale of deception and glamour set in one of New York’s most majestic Gilded Age mansions.

Dark Horse

Civil Rights Queen: Constance Baker Motley and the Struggle for Equality

by Tomiko Brown-Nagin



For decades, opportunities for Black individuals were few and far between. Constance Baker Motley, however, was one of the few to rise to the occasion when these rare opportunities came knocking at her door. Motley is one of the most notable figures of the Civil Rights movement, becoming the first black woman to state her case in front of the Supreme Court and the first black woman appointed to the federal judiciary. From a blue-collar upbringing to her days on the legal stage, Motley ran with every moment she could to inspire Black Americans during her lifetime and beyond.


Civil Rights Historian Tomiko Brown-Nagin brings to life one of the most influential, but lesser-known leaders of a movement that changed race relations in America. She asks her audience to ponder how Black people were given opportunities when the nation was against their advancement in society and how expectations for Black individuals were substantially different than that of their white peers. Through Motley’s captivating story, Brown-Nagin gives a second life to the woman who shattered gendered and racial glass ceilings. For these reasons, Motley is certainly a queen in our book.

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