A Good Girl’s Guide to Murder Set for Netflix Release

The anticipated adaptation of A Good Girl’s Guide to Murder will be heading to Netflix. Read on to find out more about this upcoming adaptation.

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When Netflix boards a production, it’s a good sign for the production’s potential viewership. That is the case for the upcoming television series A Good Girl’s Guide to Murder. This series is an adaptation of the bestselling novel by Holly Jackson. The adaptation will be written by Poppy Cogan. Recently, Netflix bought the rights to stream the series for American audiences, as well as select European audiences. The series will stream in Britain on BBC Three and BBC iPlayer. The series has been highly anticipated, and the Netflix release is proving that fact.

What is A Good Girl’s Guide to Murder about?

A Good Girl’s Guide to Murder centers around Pip Fitz-Amobi. She may appear to be a normal high school student living in a small town, but that is not entirely true. Pip has a deep love of true crime, and that love is about to be quite useful. Pip decides to use her true crime knowledge to try to solve a five year old murder-suicide.

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While many people believe the case has been closed and solved, Pip believes there is more to the story. She makes people believe that she is doing a random school project, but she is actually searching for evidence. However, the deeper that Pip goes into this mystery, the more harm that she might be getting herself into. She may be close to the truth, but at what cost?

The Novel’s Reception

Immediately upon release, A Good Girl’s Guide to Murder received rave reviews and was flying off of bookshelves. It became #1 New York Times bestseller with millions of copies sold. It was also a Goodreads Choice Awards nominee for Young Adult Fiction, on the YA book prize shortlist, and winner of Children’s Fiction Book of the Year award at the British Book Awards.

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Because of all this success, it’s only natural that more books were written. Following A Good Girl’s Guide to Murder, Jackson wrote the sequel Good Girl, Bad Blood, where Pip decides to take on a new case. After this novel came the second sequel, As Good as Dead, in which a stalker goes after Pip. After the sequels, Jackson wrote a prequel Kill Joy, where readers see how Pip gained her love of solving mysteries.

Who Is Cast in the Television Series?

At this point, the production has made the majority of the casting announcements. The lead role of Pip will be played by Emma Myers. Myers gained attention for her role in the hit Netflix series Wednesday, where she played Enid Sinclair, Wednesday’s bright and colorful roommate that is also a werewolf. Myers also starred in Netflix’s body-swapping comedy Family Switch alongside Jennifer Garner and Ed Helms. Her notable roles in these projects are what make her a familiar face for Netflix programs.

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Myers will be starring in A Good Girl’s Guide to Murder alongside Zain Iqbal. Iqbal will play Ravi, the younger brother of the accused murderer who is helping Pip with the case. Other cast members in this upcoming series include India Lillie Davies as Andie Bell, Mathew Baynton as Elliot Ward, Henry Ashton as Max Hastings, Anna Maxwell Martin as Leanne Fitz-Amobi, Carla Woodcock as Becca Bell, and more. With a cast of unknowns, this highly-anticipated series could lead to some big breaks.

Details About the Release

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Currently, the series is in post-production after filming in the latter half of 2023. The series will be released in Britain in July of this year. The release in the U.S. will be sometime afterward, with an exact time frame to be announced later. So far, the series has released some photos from various scenes, which is building up excitement. There was also a teaser trailer released by the BBC. The teaser trailer did not reveal much information, but it showed that the series intends to keep up the mysterious and shocking vibes from the novel.

Watch the latest trailer here:

At the moment, it is unclear if the sequels of A Good Girl’s Guide to Murder will be adapted as well. There has only been an announcement for one season, and it has not been officially said where this season will end. Perhaps if the series does well enough, viewers and fans will get to see more of this riveting story. Myers has seen firsthand, with her success in Wednesday, how Netflix can seriously boost a series. There is a large market for young adult mystery series, so if everything goes well and fans of the novel like what they see, this adaptation could be another Netflix success.

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