A Gift Guide for the Romance Lover in Your Life

Give the romance reader in your life a gift they will love just as much as their book character crush!

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christmas present stack on top of a white and red heart wallpaper background

This is the best and worst time of year for a romance reader. All I want under the tree is my book boyfriend (or multiple) and every year he’s never there… I know I’m not the only one who wakes up disappointed. So to curb that disappointment for the romance readers in your life, here is a list of gifts any romance lover will adore!

Smutty Romance Sticker Pack

Probably Smut is my go-to website for anything smutty! I have both sticker packs, and there are so many more niche ones to pick from. Not only that, but they have other merch as well. I am a huge fan and want to buy everything on the site.

collection of romance and smutty stickers

They are currently doing a 25 Days of Smutmus giveaway for the whole month of December. Check out their Instagram to learn more about it and win smutty prizes for your romance lover!

A Silly Smutty Bookmark

My friend Devin was given this as her Secret Santa gift, and I burst into laughter when she showed me. I think it would make anyone laugh to be reading a spicy scene and turn the page to find Jesus staring at you with a concerned face.

bookmark that has Jesus on It and says "is that smut?"

This bookmark is available on Amazon. You could tuck it into the pages of a spicy book scene or get multiple silly bookmarks and make a bookmark bundle!

A Book Page Flower Bouquet

Now, I am proposing that these are not just any flower book page flowers but spicy scenes made into flowers! I would do this in a heartbeat for a romance book-loving friend, or I honestly might just make it for myself.

Flower bouquet made entirely out of smutty book pages

I am so lucky to have friends in my life who share the passion I have for romance novels and smutty scenes. I know they would appreciate these ever-lasting roses with a naughty little twist when looked at closely.

This beautiful bouquet is made by MagicPaperCrafts on Etsy!

I hope this list has helped you think of something to buy the romance book lover in your life. If not, I hope maybe it inspired you to get a gift for yourself!

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