7 Times Severus Snape Proved He Was Not A Villain

Severus Snape was always a brooding presence throughout ‘Harry Potter.’ On his 61st birthday, we celebrate all the ways he helped save The Boy Who Lived.

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When the Harry Potter books were released, fans always enjoyed asking, “who are the bad guys?” Each book has a different villain on top of the looming threat of Voldemort, and it was always fun to figure out who was Harry’s immediate nemesis. One of the reoccurring suspected villains was Severus Snape, Harry’s potions professor. Snape was always bitter about something, and readers wouldn’t find out until the end of the novels how much Snape was actually working to help keep Harry alive. To celebrate what would have been Snape’s 61st birthday, we have compiled seven shining moments where he proved he was not the villain.

He Saved Harry During Quidditch

Severus Snape mutters the countercurse to Professor Quirrell’s curse on Harry’s broom Image via Quora.

Remember when Hermione interprets Snape’s muttering as him cursing Harry’s broom during a Quidditch game? Readers find out later in the book that Snape was actually casting a countercurse to Professor Quirrell’s curse on Harry. Although he is hardly a fan of Harry, it is clear that Snape goes out of his way to save Potter since book one.

He Was Not Deceived By Professor Lockhart’s Charm

Snape & Professor Lockhart duel. Image via Quora

Gilderoy Lockhart charms his way to becoming the Defense Again the Dark Arts professor during Harry’s second year at Hogwarts. Since this is Snape’s dream position, his bitterness comes across as jealousy for the new professor. However, Lockhart attempts to leave Harry and Ron in the Chamber of Secrets, proving that his exterior is only a ruse. Looks like Snape knew better than to take Lockhart’s facade for granted.

He Saved The Trio From Death Eaters

Severus Snape stands in front of Hermione, Ron, & Harry. Image via Wizarding World.

Snape following Hermione, Ron, & Harry to the Shrieking Shack, knowing that they would meet ex-Death Eaters on the other side, proved that he would do anything to protect Hogwarts. With Snape being an ex-Death Eater himself, this is an excellent example of Snape risking his life to fight against those he is supposed to fight with.

He Knew Professor Moody Was Shady

Professor Moody and Snape. Image via Quora

Barty Crouch, Jr. could have successfully flown under the radar at Hogwarts if he hadn’t run out of Polyjuice potion. When Snape realizes someone is stealing from his supply, he first suspects the Trio. However, the Dark mark is also resurfacing on ex-Death Eaters’ arms, meaning that something more sinister is happening at Hogwarts. When Harry returns from the graveyard and Voldemort has returned, Snape knows something is wrong. And when Professor Moody is quick to get Harry alone after the graveyard, Snape steps in to discover the professor’s true identity.

He Helps Harry Block Voldemort’s Mind

Snape trains Harry in the art of Occlumency to keep Voldemort from sneaking into Harry’s thoughts. Image via Harry Potter Wiki.

With Voldemort back, he can now infiltrate Harry’s mind due to their connection through Harry’s scar. Dumbledore enlists Snap to teach Harry how to block Voldemort from reading his thoughts. The process is long and arduous, but Harry eventually succeeds because of the importance Snape emphasizes on ridding Harry’s mind of the Dark Lord.

He Saves Draco Malfoy

Snapes saves Draco Malfoy from bleeding out. Image via Harry Potter Fandom.

Until now, Snape’s focus has been on keeping Harry safe from Voldemort. However, book six is all about keeping Draco Malfoy safe when he becomes a Death Eater and is enlisted to kill Dumbledore. Snape makes an unbreakable vow with Narcissa Malfoy to protect her son, knowing that he may not be able to go through with everything Voldemort wants of him. And Snape sure does step the “f” up. He keeps Darco from bleeding out after Harry curses him, and he’s the one who kills Dumbeldore so that Draco does not have to live with that grief.

He Tells Harry Everything He Needs To Know

Harry attempts to keep Snape alive. Image via Daily Express UK

Snape uses his final breaths to reveal all of his truths to Harry. Snape was in love with Lily Potter, and he did everything he could to protect Harry from Voldemort from the beginning. He also reveals how and why Harry and Voldemort are connected and that Hary was always going to be the one to die first. Snape’s memories prompt Harry to go to the Forbidden Forest and meet Voldemort one last time. However, this decision also leads to Harry defeating Voldemort by the end of the series.

Snape was never a perfect character throughout Harry Potter. He was obsessed with Lily after she married someone else; he made Hogwarts students miserable, and he often was jealous of teachers who taught Defense Against the Dark Arts before him. However, he was never an immediate villain. He stuck to his word with Dumbledore that he would protect Harry until the very end.

Had he lived, Severus Snape could have developed a more understanding relationship with Harry and perhaps would have become less bitter with Voldemort out of the picture. With Snape’s story ending in the final book, fans can interpret for themselves what kind of man Snape was. Either way, his legacy will live on. Always.

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