7 Supernatural Romances To Swoon Over This Fall

The air is getting cooler, the nights are getting longer, and Halloween is ever approaching. It’s the perfect time of year for some supernatural romances!

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There’s something seriously magical about Fall. From the way the leaves transform from vibrant green to various shades, to the warm yet haunting glow of lit candles and jack-o-lanterns, Fall is special. And what better way to celebrate this enchanting season than with some equally enchanting books? These seven supernatural romances are must-reads for every fantasy fanatic.

From Blood and Ash by Jennifer L. Armentrout


Need-to-knows: vampires, enemies-to-lovers, star-crossed souls, forbidden love

From Blood and Ash is the first novel in the Blood and Ash series, and centers upon Poppy. Selected at birth to be the Maiden and lead her people into a new era, Poppy’s life has never truly been her own. It is forbidden for her to be touched, spoken to, looked upon… all Poppy can do is wait until the day of her Ascension. If she could have chosen, Poppy would have been a guard, fighting evil in order to avenge her family and be found worthy by the gods.

Everything changes when Hawke, the handsome guard tasked with ensuring her Ascension, comes into her life. Suddenly, duty and destiny become entangled with desire. Poppy may be a Maiden, but she still has a heart, a soul, and a longing. This steamy read is filled with adventure and angst, and will leave you absolutely swooning.

Black Witch Magic by Mila Nicks


Need-to-knows: witches, curses, secrets, mystery, opposites attract

In Black Witch Magic, Selene Blackstone is a librarian with some serious secrets. For starters, she’s a witch, and she also just happens to be cursed for all eternity. Meanwhile, Aiden O’Hare is a paranormal investigator looking into Selene’s family history, specifically Luna, her evil witch grandmother. When Aiden meets Selene, he resolves that he must get to know her. But, when Selene learns why Aiden is in town, she knows she must do everything in her power to stop him. He wants to expose the truth, and she will stop at nothing to conceal it. Neither of them anticipate falling under each other’s spell. This magical romance will make the perfect addition to your TBR list.

When Life Gives You Vampires by Gloria Duke


Need-to-knows: vampires (obvi), enemies-to-lovers, romantic comedy, body positivity, self-love

When Life Gives You Vampires follows twenty-five year old, plus size Lily Baines. Lily is used to waking up hungover, but with fangs? Not so much. Tristan didn’t intend to turn her. It’s against vampire law, and now they’re both in serious trouble. The two team up, fighting off other vampires and Lily’s work rival turned vampire slayer.

But vampires aren’t Lily’s only concern. Now, her body will never age, never die, and most importantly, never change. Lily must face her insecurities, her mother’s unwarranted fitness advice, and the diet-obsessed culture she lives in. Sure, Lily can fall in love with her handsome vampire sire, but can Lily truly learn to love herself? This sweet supernatural story is an absolute must-read.

The Cruel Prince by Holly Black


Need-to-knows: fae, enemies-to-lovers, secret pining, slow burn

Fans of ACOTAR will love The Cruel Prince. This story centers upon Jude, who was only seven years old when her parents were murdered. She and her two sisters were kidnapped and brought to the High Court of Faerie. A decade later, Jude wishes to gain a true sense of belonging there, despite being mortal. In order to do so, Jude decides to become more involved within palace affairs to win a place at court.

The problem? Prince Cardan, the youngest and evilest son of the High King. Jude cannot stand Cardan, but to accomplish her goal, she must defy him—and deal with the consequences. When betrayal threatens to plunge the Courts into violence, Jude’s life will be put on the line to form a dangerous union and save her sisters, as well as the Faerie. This novel is the first book in The Folk of the Air series, and its suspenseful plot will have you on the edge of your seat the entire read.

The Chocolate Kiss by Laura Florand


Need-to-knows: witches, rivals-to-lovers, unexpected love

Chocolate, Paris, and witches? What more could you want. In The Chocolate Kiss, Magalie Chaudron and her two aunts run La Maison des Sorcieres, a chocolaterie. Their mystical window displays of decadent delights have always managed to enchant customers—that is, until Philippe Lyonais. Philippe has the audacity to open one of his world-famous pastry shops right down the street from the chocolatiers. And, to make matters worse, his treats seem to hold a magic of their own, drawing in crowds. Giving in to temptation, Magalie ventures out to taste these pastries for herself… and ends up with a kiss instead. For anyone who loves rivals-to-lovers, this supernatural romance will not disappoint.

Bitten by Kelley Armstrong


Need-to-knows: werewolves, angst, slow burn, self-discovery

Bitten is the first of thirteen in the Women of the Otherworld series, although it can also be read as a stand-alone. This novel follows Elena Michaels, the world’s sole female werewolf. However, Elena is tired of her life. She hates this world, her job (hunting down rogue werewolves), the violence, and having to constantly hide. As a result, she decides to leave the pack, move to Toronto, and try to lead an ordinary human life.

This doesn’t last for long though. Soon after, her former pack leader asks for her help in fighting an uprising. Since Elena still owes him, she agrees to do it, but she still wants to live her life as a human after. Really. And nothing can change that. Not even a certain male werewolf. Those who were Team Jacob will absolutely devour this story.

Skin of the Sea by Natasha Bowen


Need-to-knows: mermaids, forbidden love, adventure, redemption

In Skin of the Sea, Simi is a Mami Wata—a mermaid—tasked with collecting the souls of those who have died at sea. Nevertheless, when Simi sees a living boy thrown overboard from his ship, she breaks the rules in order to save his life. When this ancient decree is violated, there are serious consequences. Now, to protect the other Mami Wata, Simi must venture to the Supreme Creator. But that’s not all… there is the boy she rescued who knows more than he should. And a dark force following her, wishing failure upon her… This supernatural romance is based on African mythology, and its characters and plot will grip you ’til the very end.

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