7 Awesome Doggie Sidekicks We Can’t Get Enough Of

Discover seven unforgettable literary dogs whose loyalty and bravery have captivated readers’ hearts.

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Husky dog with glasses lookig at a book with a cup of coffee and a woof dialogue bubble.

Dogs have always held a special place in literature, often acting as faithful companions and protectors to their human counterparts. In recent years, some of these companions have stood out, capturing the hearts of readers with their loyalty, bravery, and unique personalities. Here’s a look at seven unforgettable dog sidekicks from popular books that we simply can’t get enough of.

Six-Thirty From Lessons in Chemistry

In the series adaptation of Bonnie Garmus’s novel, Lessons in Chemistry, one of the most important narratives belongs to Elizabeth Zott’s faithful canine companion, Six-Thirty. After being rejected from military bomb-sniffing training, Six-Thirty finds himself wandering the streets unclaimed until one day he follows Elizabeth home. His unique name commemorates the time he entered Elizabeth’s life at 6:30 p.m.

Six-Thirty, the golden doodle companion from the TV series Lessons in Chemistry, gazes thoughtfully out of a window, capturing his introspective nature.

In many stories, a dog’s perspective is often used as a gimmick or for comedic relief. However, Bonnie Garmus’s choice to use Six-Thirty’s perspective as a narrative device is unique and compelling. Through Six-Thirty, we experience his guilt and grief alongside Elizabeth’s when Calvin, her romantic partner, dies during a morning run. Calvin accidentally trips and is run over by a car after a noise startles Six-Thirty, causing him to run off. This approach adds depth to the narrative, allowing readers to connect more profoundly with the characters’ emotions.

“When you don’t think you can move forward. When you’re sad about your yesterdays or not sure what’s going to happen tomorrow, your purpose is just being there, putting one foot in front of the other.”

Six-Thirty, Lessons in Chemistry

In the television adaptation, there’s a poignant scene where Elizabeth, still grieving Calvin’s death, goes out with Six-Thirty and starts running. As they run, Six-Thirty recalls Calvin’s advice and continues his thoughts by saying, “One foot,” indicating that it’s all it takes to make grief more manageable for Elizabeth. “One foot” to gain the opportunity to start over and fight harder. “One foot,” and as Six-Thirty tells us, “You’ll be home.” Through this monologue, we witness Elizabeth coming to terms with her grief, buoyed by Six-Thirty’s presence and encouragement. It’s a beautiful episode, capturing the essence of resilience and the power of companionship. Worth every moment of viewing.

Toto From The Wizard of Oz

Toto, the adorable Cairn Terrier and Dorothy’s faithful companion, has been an important part of our childhood for years. Created by L. Frank Baum, the author of the Oz children’s series, Toto accompanies Dorothy on her many adventures in the land of Oz. While Toto is initially depicted as a small dog who cannot speak, unlike the other animals in Oz, later installments reveal that he remained silent by choice. In The Lost Princess of Oz, Toto becomes quite chatty.

Toto, Dorothy's loyal Cairn Terrier companion from The Wizard of Oz, strolls along the iconic yellow brick road, embodying companionship and adventure.

Throughout the series, Toto’s appearance and breed change frequently, but he ultimately returns to his original look. Furthermore, Toto is a driving force behind Baum’s narrative. It is Dorothy’s love for him that prompts her to leave Kansas, and he is the one who keeps her from becoming as gray as her surroundings. Toto’s loyalty and presence play a crucial role in maintaining the story’s heart and spirit.

Although Toto’s appearances in recent adaptations and subsequent works connected to the land of Oz have been reduced, he remains one of our first favorite animal sidekicks, and his presence always brings a smile to our faces.

Jip From Dr. Dolittle

Jip is the loyal companion of Dr. John Dolittle in Hugh Lofting’s Doctor Dolittle series. A smart dog who possesses the ability to talk to humans like Dr. Dolittle, Jip is agile, intelligent, and fiercely faithful, always ready to accompany the doctor on his adventures. As a mixed-breed small dog, Jip is resourceful and quick-witted, serving as Dr. Dolittle’s valuable assistant and confidant.

Jip, Dr. Dolittle's trusted canine companion in the recent live adaptation, dons glasses and appears to engage in conversation, showcasing his intelligence and loyalty.

Featured in many books, Jip is beloved by readers for his bravery and courage. He has also appeared in the live-action adaptations of Doctor Dolittle, consistently helping the doctor navigate difficult tasks and overcome obstacles. For those who grew up with Dr. Dolittle, Jip has captured our hearts, and we hope to see him again in future adaptations.

Krypto, Superman’s Best Friend

Another canine companion that has recently been winning hearts is Krypto, Superman’s dog. Krypto was originally Kal-El’s dog on Krypton, used as a test subject by Jor-El while he was developing the prototypes of the rocket that would eventually bring Superman to Earth. However, Krypto’s rocket was thrown off course, leaving him drifting in space for years until he reached Earth and was reunited with the teenage Superboy. Under the yellow sun, like all sons of Krypton, Krypto has abilities similar to Superman’s, including super strength, speed, and heat vision, as well as super-canine intelligence. While fighting crime, he wears a golden collar with the iconic “S” that symbolizes the Superfamily and a doggy-sized red cape akin to Superman’s.

Krypto, the faithful super-powered dog, sits proudly beside Superman and Supergirl, embodying loyalty and strength in their heroic alliance.

Krypto has appeared in various iterations of Superman, and his story has been revised multiple times. One of his most recent appearances was in the movie DC League of Super-Pets, voiced by Dwayne Johnson. Although there are various alternate versions of Krypto and his origins, it is clear that we can never get enough of this loyal, crime-fighting puppy!

Skip from My Dog Skip

My Dog Skip is a 128-page memoir by Willie Morris that recounts his childhood in 1940s Mississippi. The book centers on his relationship with his Fox Terrier, Skip, an intelligent and loyal dog, and how their bond deepens through the challenges and triumphs they face together.

Young Willie embraces his loyal companion Skip by the lakeside, gazing pensively into the distance, showcasing their enduring bond and tranquil connection.

Throughout the memoir, Skip is more than just a dog to Willie; he is a friend and confidant who helps him overcome his shyness and navigate the complexities of growing up in the rural South. Skip’s bravery and loyalty shine as he protects Willie from bullies and potential dangers while offering emotional support and comfort. Ultimately, Skip embodies fidelity, love, and companionship, helping Willie build confidence and resilience.

Dog From Good Omens

Another dog companion that has made its way onto this list is Dog from the book, Good Omens, which has been adapted into a series. Dog is a hellhound summoned to protect the boy destined to be the Antichrist, Adam Young, and to play a significant role in the end of the world. It is said that Dog’s personality and actions will reflect whatever name he is given. When Adam simply names him “Dog,” the hellhound transforms into an ordinary terrier mix.

Dog from the series Good Omens stands on a grass-covered road, gazing intently ahead.

Dog seamlessly adapts to Adam’s simple and playful lifestyle by becoming a normal pet, all while remaining fiercely loyal and protective of him. This irony, juxtaposing his hellish origins with his comedic role in the series, adds depth to his character.

In both the book and the show, Dog serves as a symbol of the nurture versus nature debate. His transformation delves into the complexities of good and evil, exploring the transformative power of love and kindness. This suggests that one’s inherent nature can be profoundly influenced by their environment. In Dog’s case, Adam’s love and innocence work their magic, gradually altering him from a creature born of evil intentions into a lovable pet.

Sirius From The Library of the Unwritten

No, I’m not referring to Sirius Black. Sirius is a hellhound who resides in and protects the library in Hell, where unpublished books are kept. Possessing unnatural strength and agility, he is often described as having an intimidating presence. Sirius is fiercely loyal and protective of the protagonist, Claire, and her friends, going so far as to put himself in harm’s way multiple times to ensure their safety. In the novel, Sirius symbolizes trust and underscores the importance of teamwork. His character adds depth to the themes of friendship and duty portrayed in the novel, and, similar to Dog, he also explores the possibility of goodness within normally evil characters.

Doberman with its mouth open side profile set against a blurred, brownish background.

Overall, Sirius is a multifaceted character through which A.J. Hackwith portrays the importance of friendship, loyalty, and the protective power of love and duty. Additionally, Sirius serves to balance the hellish aspects of the setting with the warmth that characterizes the relationships among the protagonists.

Doggos for Life

These dogs transcend the role of mere companions to their protagonists; they embody qualities of unconditional love, unwavering loyalty, and profound devotion, regardless of their questionable origins. Their unbreakable bonds with our favorite characters serve as poignant reminders of the enduring power of connection and the resilience of the human spirit. Through their relationships with these beloved animals, we gain insights into the deeper themes and intricacies woven throughout the narratives.

As we immerse ourselves in their tales, we are reminded of the profound impact that animals can have on our lives, serving as steadfast companions and unfaltering sources of love and support. Their stories resonate deeply with us, touching our hearts and souls in life-changing ways.

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