6 LGBTQ Fantasy Romance Comics To Binge Through

Looking for LGBTQ reads that are comics in the genres of fantasy and romance. These six comics I totally recommend!

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There are several LGBTQ recommendations that have been released. However, I am here to recommend fantasy romance comics that are LGBTQ-represented. Try reading or recommending these six comics.

1. Girl Town – Casey Nowak


A collection of acclaimed mini-comics with young adulthood themes that are bold charming and insightful:

Diana got hurt and decided to purchase a life-size robot boyfriend.

Mary and LaLa host a podcast on a move no one’s ever seen.

Kelly dragged Beth out of her comfort zone into having a day at the fantasy market.

2. Coming Back – Jessi Zabarsky


Two women who have separate adventures and learn the truth about each other and themselves along the way.

Preet is full of magic, Valissa isn’t. In the small village, all possess magic, Preet being the strongest there is.

When their home is attacked to prove themselves Valissa leaves Preet and goes on her own adventure. When Preet breaks a sacred law she is rejected from the village.

Two paths they must analyze their insecurities and find their way back to each other.

3. The Heart Hunter – Mickey George, Illustrator V. Gagnon


On the cursed island of Envecor a doomed place where hearts are outside of the bodies, which make them immortal. With this curse, there is no change in appearance and incapability of birth. Until a soulmate is found the curse can be broken, this mortality and births are possible.

However, some don’t want to lose their immortality and hire heart hunters to kill their soulmates.

Heart hunter, Psyche, is hired by the king to kill his soulmate, she goes on a quest to mend her own heart and learn to trust again.

4. The Chancellor and The Citadel – Maria Capelle Frantz


The world is over. All that’s left is Citadel and the Chancellor who protects it from hostile threats beyond the walls. but what can she do when an angry mob is convinced she is the cause of the world ending? What will happen when the mob may destroy the only bastion of hope?

5. Life of Melody – Mari Costa


A queer romance with a fairy godfather and a beast raising a child.

In the fairy realm, the fairy godparent must fulfill the fairytales of humankind. The human protagonist in this case has little effect on the fairies. The fairy named Razzmatazz plans on raising the child until their eighteenth birthday. Even though his superiors look down on the idea, he commits to it. Include a beast named Bon who also found the child at the same time, together they raise them.

6. Camp Spirit – Axelle Lenoir


Elodie prefers the band Nirvana and Soundgarden to being nirvana in a rock garden. Can she face conflicting emotions, annoying kids, and supernatural horror?

In 1994 Elodie is forced to be a camp counselor. She has no knowledge of teamwork, nature, or sports. She has no responsibility when watching 4 redhead girls who have an attitude.

Although she adjusts and gets close to a counselor, haunting dreams and a dark presence disturb her stay at the camp.

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