5 Weddings That Give Us Hope During An Unlucky Wedding Month

July is known as the worst month to get married. We’ve gathered some wedding scenes that remind us that bad luck won’t stop true love.

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When most people plan weddings, they aim for warm seasons – spring and summer allow for beautiful natural backdrops. These seasons are great for outdoor celebrations. But there’s one month in the summer known for its bad luck, and that is July. There’s no logical or scientific reason that this month is deemed an unlucky month for a wedding, but there are several old sayings that say so. Rhymes like “Those who in July do wed, must labour for their daily bread” and “Married in July with flowers ablaze, bitter-sweet memories in after days” warn against the trials couples may face. 

The warnings come from old traditions and honestly hold no real basis. In fact, others actually claim May is the worst month to marry. This idea is due to the Roman celebration of the dead during the month of May. Many believe that it’s a bad omen to honor marriage and death in the same month.

But really, months don’t influence much these days, and each has many holidays or superstitions around it already. If two people are dedicated to each other, nothing should stand in their way. So, to remind us that a wedding can happen at any time, in any place, and doesn’t have to let superstition get in the way, we’ve gathered examples of great (and sometimes funny) fictional weddings that give us hope.

Crazy Rich AsiansColin and Araminta


Although the scene focuses mostly on Rachel (Constance Wu) and Nick (Henry Golding) rather than the bride and groom, we can feel the love in the room. It’s beautiful to see this wedding have such a profound impact on everyone in attendance. This is the exact atmosphere anyone would want at their wedding. And we can’t forget the decor: the guests participating with small lights and the stream of water going down the aisle is the stuff of dreams.

Breaking Dawn Part 1 – Edward and Bella

Everything about this wedding is incredible. It’s a moment of genuine happiness amid the chaos that Edward and Bella face in the series. The setting feels otherworldly, and you see how much the two feel as if they are in their own world. If Edward and Bella can find time for a wedding despite the threat of the vampire equivalent of the law, we regular humans don’t have to worry about marrying in an unlucky month.

ShrekShrek and Fiona


Yes, Shrek is much more silly, but this scene is still pretty romantic. He literally rides in on a dragon to stop Fiona’s marriage to Lord Farquaad and confess his love for her. Even though Shrek and Fiona aren’t getting married here, they manage to get back to each other. Spoiler: they do get married later on with all the friends they made in attendance.

Brooklyn Nine-Nine – Jake and Amy

Even Amy, the most prepared planner ever, had a completely unexpected wedding. This is one of the most heartwarming TV weddings because all Jake and Amy’s friends and colleagues came together to make it work. Everything they planned went wrong, but they had an emotional ceremony that fit them.

Pirates of the Caribbean – Will and Elizabeth

And finally, we have Will and Elizabeth’s marriage which happened mid-battle. With swords in hand, Will manages to propose, hire Barbosa to officiate, and marry Elizabeth, all while fighting off attackers. On a ship. In the rain. This is one of the coolest “weddings” in film because it’s the bare bones of what a wedding is and still manages to make the audience go “aw.”

No matter what you hear about the best or worst time for a wedding, think back to these scenes. Some of these characters get past huge obstacles to make it happen and still have magical marriages. July may be an unlucky month, but it’s clear even a fight to the death can’t stop true love.