5 New Year Resolutions for Aspiring Writers

New Year Resolutions can be stressful to list off. However, if you’re an aspiring writer, we have the list you want to check off by the end of the year!

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The New Year is coming, so what better way to celebrate than to prioritize your Resolution list when it comes to your writing? As an aspiring author myself, I have a few things I want to accomplish! Here are five resolutions any aspiring author should have on their New Year Resolution list!

1. Form or Join a Writing Group

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As a fellow introvert, I can fully recognize how difficult it is to share your work with strangers. My sole suggestion, however, is to join a workshop group, because at least you will have one thing in common — The passion for writing! The only way you can get better with your writing craft is if you share! These groups are formed to create a support system and hold writers accountable for their goals.

2. Perform Your Poetry

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This past year, I was able to perform my poetry on stage. It was TERRIFYING at first, but midway through, I felt so free, so I went up a second time. Local coffee shops are bound to do slam poetry nights, so get out there and strut your stuff. You may be terrified initially, but being a performer teaches you a lot about audience, and writing too!

3. Writing and Reading More

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It sounds easier when said out loud, but when you’re a writer, it can be difficult to keep up your reading list — or even read for pleasure at all, because you’re so busy writing! And if you are a massive bookworm, you get the exact opposite of the problem. You want to write, but you don’t know where to start. Here’s a tip — Grab a piece of paper and go. Think of the craziest thing, character, or setting, or you can think of the most mundane sequence of events and see what comes out. You’ll become a better writer only through practice. And, reading regularly will keep expanding your vocabulary and leave you more equipped.

4. Start/Finish that Damn Book!

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Do you know how many avid readers and writers I come across who have said that they have an idea for a series and they never end up writing it out of fear, a busy schedule, or lack of experience in world-building? It’s time! You know it is. Stop making excuses for your creativity. If you want to write your dream plot with fantastic characters and whimsical plot twists — you need to do it. I’ve been in the same boat for years, and this time I mean it (hopefully). Don’t worry about chasing perfection — you can edit later. To get into the rhythm, just start and continue to write.

5. Getting Published

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The most nerve-racking part of writing is getting rejected. It can truly break your spirits, so if you want to start small, submit your work through submitable.com, as they have an array of options for short story writers, screenwriters, or poets. As a reminder, just because a literary journal says no to you does not mean your writing craft is bad. Rejections happen in all fields. Successful writers are those who never take a rejection personally and keep coming back with a refined draft to submit and keep pitching to more people.

Do you know how many times I second guess if this is a good idea to pursue a writing career? Every waking day. I am a creative writer at heart, and to say that the writing industry is intimidating is an understatement. It takes determination and resilience to take your writing to the next level, so try out these resolutions. If you can’t, don’t get down on yourself! Sometimes our self-doubt gets in the way of things, so try again…and again until it sticks!

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