Ring in the New Year With These 10 Bookish Resolutions

The New Year is just around the corner. If you’re needing some good goals to set, stick around! We’ve got 10 bookish resolutions for every bookworm.

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Bookish New Year Resolutions

The end of the year is steadily approaching, and that means everyone is trying to set goals for themselves in the new year. But over time, I’ve noticed that the expectations are pushed just out of reach. It’s good to want to improve and complete our resolutions, but these goals should be realistic.

By achieving resolutions you know you can fulfill, not only will it improve your skills, but then you’ve accomplished what you set out to do. With a boost in confidence, you’ll feel better about moving the bar just a little further next time. We here at Bookstr took the time to lay out some bookish resolutions that anyone can complete. Keep reading to find out which goals we chose for the New Year!

1. Read One Book a Month

Ring in the New Year with These 10 Bookish Resolutions. Woman in pink top reading a book with a blue cover.

We’re going to take it nice and slow with our first resolution. Your one book a month can be anything! A children’s book, graphic novel, or even a memoir. Whatever feels comfortable and exciting to you will work perfectly! By slowly transitioning into a routine of reading, you’ll want to read and complete more books in no time.

2. Track Your Reading Progress

Ring in the New Year with These 10 Bookish Resolutions. A woman writing in a journal.

If one of your resolutions is to stay organized in the new year, tracking your reading habits is a great way to see how far you’ve progressed. Getting something like a reading journal will help you categorize the titles you’ve read, and assist in establishing your thoughts and opinions of the books. Plus, when the end of the year comes around, you can look back on all the books you’ve read throughout 12 months.

3. Read More Authors of Color

Ring in the New Year with These 10 Bookish Resolutions. A woman with a laptop looking towards the window.

Reading from authors of different lived experiences is one resolution that we should be making every year. Especially in the literary world, we should work to uplift others and bring light to stories that need to be heard. Authors of color already have such a hard time getting their work published, so let’s honor their commitment by reading from more writers of color. Their words have the power to inspire us to change our society for the better. 

4. Get Halfway Through Your TBR

Ring in the New Year with These 10 Bookish Resolutions. Sign that says "You Are Halfway There!"

For those who want a little bit of a harder challenge, make the resolution to complete half of your TBR within the year. Crack into the books that have been sitting on your bookshelf for ages. Who knows, you might even find a new favorite amongst your TBR! Even if you can’t get halfway through the extensive list of books, just knowing that you checked a few off your list is cause for celebration.

5. Read a Genre You’ve Always Wanted to Dive Into

Ring in the New Year with These 10 Bookish Resolutions. Books of all different genres.

Finding yourself stuck in the same genre? Then make the New Year resolution to switch it up a little! Broaden your horizons by reading a genre you’ve always been curious about but never took the time to explore. The New Year makes us all a bit more adventurous, so use that energy to your advantage. If you’ve been reading general fiction for a while, jump into some romance novels for a bit of change! Whatever genre you decide to try out, just have a fun time with it! You’re bound to find excitement with something new.

6. Donate Books You Aren’t Using Anymore

Ring in the New Year with These 10 Bookish Resolutions. Group of people giving books.

Let’s all be honest with ourselves, there are some books where their sole purpose is just to collect dust on the bookshelf. If you’ve found that you have a vast collection of books you don’t read anymore, give them another life in the new year! You can bring your books to a local library, school libraries, or second-hand shops! Your old books can help inspire the next generation of future readers just by giving them a new home. 

7. Reread Your Favorite Book Series

Ring in the New Year with These 10 Bookish Resolutions. A little child reading from a book.

Getting back into reading can feel a bit overwhelming at first. I for one am putting this resolution at the top of my list. Going back to your favorite series from college or childhood can make reading feel happy and nostalgic again. Especially if you’re trying to read more during the new year. Starting with a series you already know and enjoy can make the process a whole lot easier.

8. Find a New Reading Spot

Ring in the New Year with These 10 Bookish Resolutions. Person reading underneath a tree.

Whether you live in a small town or a big city, there are plenty of places to do some reading. It may be in your house, at a coffee shop, or under a tree in a park. Switching up your routine every once and a while can improve motivation and helps with mental health. So, if you’ve been cooped up in your room reading for a while, head outside, and explore the excitement of reading somewhere new.

9. Buy Books From a Local Bookstore

Ring in the New Year with These 10 Bookish Resolutions. Person browsing through a stack of books in a bookstore.

Instead of purchasing books off Amazon or getting them from Barnes & Noble, browse around and find a local bookstore near you! Help support a small business by frequenting there, rather than scrolling endlessly online for a new book. What could be better than opening the store door and smelling all the books inside? You certainly can’t get that from buying books online.

10. Don’t Be Afraid To Speak Your Bookish Mind

Ring in the New Year with These 10 Bookish Resolutions. Woman holding up a speech bubble with a pair of books in the middle.

Oftentimes, many of us bookworms don’t want to sound too obsessed when we’re talking about our new favorite book series. But in the new year, I’m going to challenge us all to let loose. Don’t feel embarrassed talking about books with your non-bookish friends! Even if they haven’t read it, you still deserve to talk about the things that you’re interested in. You don’t have to push down your excitement when a book series you like is brought up. Instead, lean into that love, and you might even make some great bookish friends along the way. 

The New Year is all about starting fresh and trying to better yourself. With these 10 bookish resolutions, you’ll be able to accomplish all your bookish goals without stressing yourself out. And when the next New Year comes around, you’ll feel all the more confident in setting goals that are within your grasp. 

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