5 Fictional Characters Who Would Be Extraordinary Teachers

Classes would undoubtedly be more exciting and fun if you had your favorite book character as your teacher.

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A teacher helping one student while four others work at their tables

Have you ever wished a fictional character was your teacher? Teachers are already great, but having a fictional character as a teacher would be a whole other level. Maybe they go on amazing adventures or know a lot about one of your favorite subjects. Maybe they just seem like a cool person. Here are five characters who would be extraordinary teachers.

1. Annabeth Chase from the Percy Jackson and the Olympians series

Annabeth Chase wearing armor over her orange Camp Half-Blood shirt

Annabeth is super smart, and she loves sharing what she learns. She would be strict with her students, but she would also encourage them to do their best. She’d take it personally if a student weren’t doing well in her class, but she would offer to help or tell her students about resources like tutoring. No matter what, Annabeth would do her best to be fair to her students and not have favorites (but she would secretly prefer the hard-working ones). Overall, she would give her students a little too much homework but would try her best to ensure they all succeeded academically.

2. Elide Lochan from the Throne of Glass series

'Queen of Shadows' by Sarah J. Maas book cover with a dark castle surrounded by mountains with a red sky

Elide can’t read (though she would probably learn later on), but that doesn’t mean she can’t be a great teacher. She’s cunning, has plenty of street smarts, is patient, and she could handle rowdy children. (If she can handle Lorcan, she can handle anyone.) I imagine she would teach her students more about surviving and adapting to the world around them. She knows how cruel the world and people can be and wants to provide her students with a safe space while teaching them how to navigate life. She would base her lessons on the individual as best she could and be her students’ favorite teacher of all time.

3. Linh Cinder from The Lunar Chronicles series

'Cinder' by Marissa Meyer book cover showing Linh Cinder in her workshop

She literally has a computer in her brain — do I have to say more? Just kidding! She is a cyborg with a lot of hands-on experience dealing with machines, so she would be best as a mechanics teacher. Linh is a bit awkward and struggles in some social interactions, but she always tries hard for her students. Her lessons would be hands-on work, and she would patiently guide her students if they struggled or couldn’t figure something out. Linh would struggle to handle more personal interactions with her students, but her good intentions would still be easy to see.

4. Caleb Prior from the Divergent series

Caleb Prior staring in the distance with a sad expression

Putting aside his ethics and personal decisions, Caleb would be a great teacher. He joined Erudite and flourished, so he’s clearly intelligent enough. Since Caleb wanted to learn but was somewhat restricted until he got to Erudite, he would love the chance to freely teach others. He would want his students to learn as much as possible and could easily connect with them. He would be the type to assign too much homework but also give students time during class to work on it and allow students to ask questions. He would likely focus equally on students actually learning the material as well as getting good grades. Caleb would also encourage students to learn more about their interests.

5. Caylus Zander from The Storm Crow duology

'The Storm Crow' by Kalyn Josephson book cover with a girl surrounded by crows and only showing part of her face

Caylus is naturally curious, and he would learn alongside his students. If one wanted to try an in-class experiment, he’d allow it. If one asked a question he couldn’t answer, he’d try to figure out the answer and get his students involved. While he sometimes gets fully absorbed in his studies, he would gladly help students or discuss an academic problem with them. Caylus would struggle helping students with more personal issues, as he wouldn’t know what to do. He would probably talk about it with a friend, like Anthia, or suggest the student speak to someone else about it. He’d focus more on students’ understanding and learning and wouldn’t care about anything else.

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