5 Fiction Novels All Tauruses Need On Their TBR List

All hail the most hardworking Earth sign, Taurus! Whether you’re a Taurus in need of recs or shopping for a Taurus buddy, we’ve got 5 books that scream ‘Taurus’

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Taurus season is finally upon us! These clever Earth signs have a stronghold over us. There are a few ways to spot a Taurus: see someone taking a picture of their fancy meal for their Instagram? They’re probably a Taurus. Is your coworker oddly stubborn about doing a task their way? Most likely a perfectionist Taurus. With their hardworking nature, it’s hard not to spot them! Above all, Tauruses make the best of friends because they are caring, kind, and great listeners.

To celebrate our favorite Earth signs, we’ve compiled a list of five fiction novels that exude Taurus energy! Whether you’re shopping for the perfect gift for a bookish Taurus or a Taurus in need of some good books, we’ve got you covered!

5. Pride and Prejudice by Jane Austen


One thing is for sure about Tauruses: they are one of the most stubborn signs. Elizabeth Bennet is as stubborn as they come. After overhearing Mr. Darcy’s remarks, she lets her prejudice get the best of her and stubbornly refuses to have any positive feelings toward him. However, this trait is not always negative as it makes Tauruses determined, just as Mr. Darcy is. Even after his proposal is turned down, Mr. Darcy is stubborn to show Elizabeth that he is a gentleman. If you’re a Taurus itching for a classic enemies-to-lovers, this one is for you!

4. The Sunday Lunch Club by Juliet Ashton


Tauruses usually love two things: the people they care about and good food. In The Sunday Lunch Club, Anna and her extended family come together every few Sundays to discuss life and other happenings over delicious food. At the table, Anna is surrounded by her family and friends, and, even amid her own problems and surprises, she devotes her care and attention to each one of them. The bond that she shares with each one is unique and will have Tauruses holding their loved ones, and maybe their plates, even closer.

3. To All The Boys I’ve Loved Before by Jenny Han


I firmly believe Lara Jean has some Taurus in her chart because she exudes so much Taurus energy! Caring, devoted, a foodie, she’s got it all! When Lara Jean’s love letters to her former crushes get mailed, things get out of control. Part of what keeps her grounded is her attachment and love for her sisters and father. But Lara Jean’s most prominent Taurus trait is her love for love! She is a hopeless romantic at heart. To All the Boys will definitely warm a Taurus’ heart.

2. Free Food For Millionaires by Lee Min-Jin


Tauruses crave stability both in finances and their careers. They often seek out the best in every aspect of their lives, similarly to our protagonist Casey Han. After graduating from Princeton, the young Korean-American woman pursues a life of wealth and extravagance. However, with her debt climbing and being trapped in a toxic relationship, Casey must examine what she is sacrificing in exchange. Free Food For Millionaires is a compelling story that all Tauruses will want to read and reflect on.

1. The Viscount Who Loved Me by Julia Quinn


Whether you read this novel or watched season 2 of Bridgerton, there’s no denying that both Kate and Anthony are the epitomai of Taurus’ behavior. Both stubbornly put aside their desires for the sake of their families. They value the people around them, and even if their way of going about it isn’t the best, they sincerely care about their loved ones. Another element that Tauruses will love is how extravagant the balls and parties are, especially when the Queen is in attendance. For the hopeless romantic Taurus looking for someone to be the bane of their existence (and the object of all their desires), they are sure to fall in love with Anthony and Kate’s story.

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