5 Fantastic Spider-Verse Characters and Their Unique Comics

Spider-Man is the most beloved hero in the world! Actually the multiverse. Come read about Spider-people from ‘Across the Multiverse!’

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Spider-Man red and blue with a white line diagonally separating the two colors. In front of that are five different Spider-Verse comics featuring different Spider-people.

Spider-Man is one of the most well-known characters in the Marvel Universe. With his creation, Spider-Man became an inspiration to a lot of people. Due to this, the Spider-Man universe got bigger, and Into the Spider-Verse was created. Its sequel, Across the Spider-Verse, was released and came with a spider society. These spider-people are unique and show that Stan Lee is right when he says, “Anyone can wear the mask.”

Spider-Punk: Hobart “Hobie” Brown

A Spider-Man sitting on the floor with leather spikey bracelets, a leather jacket, and spikes coming from his head. The title of the comic reads Spider-Punk Battle of the Banned

Spider-Punk is from Earth-138 and is seen in different comic series. However, Hobie’s backstory is a bit dark. Big businesses, fascist governments, and rampant consumerism run Earth-138. Seeing how these giants want the people to feel hopeless, Hobie refuses to let that happen. But while living as a squatter, Hobie gets bit by a spider that became radioactive due to illegal waste dumping. Afterward, Hobie rises against President Norman Osborne and his department of rotten “law enforcers.” These “enforcers” were created by Oscorp. It is also noted that Gwen Stacy was a rock star on this Earth that inspired Hobie!

Hobie Brown made his debut in The Amazing Spider-Man #10. Ever since his debut, he has appeared in many issues, such as Web Warriors and Spider-Geddon. Not only is Hobbie in many series, but he recently got his own!

Web-Slinger: Patrick O’Hara

A Spider-Man that looks like a cowboy with Miles Morales in his suit on the bottom. The title reads Spider-Verse

Everyone loves a good Western story, but this one takes the cake. This Spider-Man comes from the western-based Earth-31913. Web-Slinger, or Patrick O’Hara, started as a trick shooter in a medicine show run by Doctor Morbius. Patrick did not believe that Morbius was an actual doctor. But an “elixir of change” spills on a spider and bites Patrick. This event removes his doubt about Morbius. After getting bit, he becomes a gunslinger with a psychic connection to his horse Widow.

It is heartbreaking that this Spider-Man does not have a comic series. But the good news is he appears in other comics such as Vault of Spiders #1 and #2, Spider-Geddon #3 and #5, and Spider-Verse #4 and #6.

Spider-Man: India/Pavitr Prabhakar

A Spider-Man with Indian clothing. The background is colorful with the title called Spider-Man: India at the top

This Spider-Man is one of the coolest introduced in Across the Spider-Verse. But his backstory is even more interesting. Earth-50101 takes place in India with Pavitr Prabhakar as its Spider-Man. Pavitr’s Aunt Maya and Uncle Bhim are his parental figures. One day, Pavitr gained a scholarship to one of Mumbai’s illustrious schools. However, being at school was difficult. His classmates bullied him because he was not wealthy. After he runs away from his bullies, Pavitr encounters a yogi who gives him the powers of Spider-Man. But his tragic event is when he refuses to stop a mugger. Due to his neglect, Uncle Bhim steps in and dies.

Pavitr Prabhakar has a comic series that debuted in 2005. However, with the recent Across the Spider-Verse movie, Pavitr’s comic was continued. Pavitr also appears in other comics, such as Spider-Verse: Warzones, Web Warriors, and Spider-Geddon.

Sun-Spider: Charlotte Webber

Sun-Spider with an orange suit and crutches swinging across the front. In the back is Spider-Ham and Spider-Mobile

Sun-Spider is one of the coolest Spider-Women introduced into the Spider-Verse. Earth-20023 is home to Charlotte Webber, a Spider-Woman with Ehlers-Danlos syndrome. Ehlers-Danlos syndrome is a genetic disease that affects connective tissues. These tissues are primarily skin, joints, and blood vessel walls. People with EDS have overly flexible joints and fragile skin. But this does not stop Charlotte from fighting crime. Due to her EDS, she needs a wheelchair and crutches to help her move. To help her fight crime, she has a wheelchair that can transform into a spider-like mech. Additionally, she has crutches that have web shooters inside of them. Another interesting fact about Charlotte is that she is a fan-made character who got added to the Spider-Verse!

Currently, Charlotte does not have a comic series. But she is featured in Edge of Spider-Verse #4. Additionally, Sun-Spider’s first debut was in Spider-Verse #6. However, it would be amazing to see Sun-Spider get a comic series!

Spider-Rex: Pter Ptarker

A Spider-Woman in pink and white and Spider-Man Noir standing on a cliff. Spider-Rex is roaring behind them in red and blue

Yes, he is a dinosaur, but that is not the only interesting thing about him. On prehistoric Earth-66, a T-Rex Norrannosaurman and his henchmen pursued Pteranodon Pter Ptarker. While Norrannosaurman bit Pter, a radioactive meteorite containing alien spiders hit them. After they woke up, the pair realized they had switched bodies. Norrannosaurman tried to get his body back by attacking Pter. But Pter defeated him and his henchmen. Now Pter fights dinosaur crime and saves Earth-66.

However, Pter Ptarker does not have a comic line. But he is in other comic issues, such as Edge of the Spider-Verse (Vol. 2 #1) and Spider-Man (Vol. 4 #1, 4, 6, 7).

Furthermore, everyone in the spider society does not look the same, and some are not Peter Parker. Additionally, some of these spider-people are not even people. They are animals, cars, dinosaurs, plushies, or legos. The spider society shows how different they are visually or through their story. Their differences show the truth behind “anyone can wear the mask” and what it means to wear the mask.

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