5 Epic Moments From ‘The Two Towers’ Movie

As the middle book and film in the trilogy, ‘The Two Towers’ is often overlooked. These 5 moments prove that it shouldn’t be.

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How do you include every amazingly epic moment from one of the most epic fantasy adventure movies of all time, that also happens to be three hours long? You can’t. Nevertheless, these five moments from The Two Towers are without a doubt worth talking about. 

1. Gandalf frees King Théoden

King Théoden holding his sword / 5 Epic Moments From ‘The Two Towers’ Movie

When Gandalf arrives in Rohan as the new and improved Gandalf the white, his presence is very much needed. King Théoden’s mind has been under the full influence of Sarumon for years. His kingdom has suffered greatly because of it. Gandalf initially pretends he is still his old self and powerless to release Théoden from Sarumon’s control. However, he eventually reveals his true new form and commands Sarumon to leave. From Wormtongue’s angry, “His staff, I told you to take the Wizard’s staff,” to King Théoden’s transformation, the entire scene is just so satisfying. 

2. Merry, Pippin, and the Ents Destroy Isengard

Treebeard grabs Pippin / 5 Epic Moments From ‘The Two Towers’ Movie

When Merry and Pippin first try to convince Treebeard and the other Ents to join the effort against Sarumon and his armies, they don’t see a need to get involved. Extremely slow to making decisions, their council decides it is best for them to stay out of the war. However, once Pippin shows them the deforestation that Sarumon has brought upon the surrounding lands, they become enraged, and storm Isengard. Who knew a bunch of trees could cause so much destruction? This scene definitely makes the list for the most epic scenes in the movie.

Now we come to the Battle of Helm’s Deep. There are so may amazing moments from this battle. Dare I say, it might even be my favorite battle of the entire series. 

3. Legolas “Skateboarding” Down the Stairs

Legolas shooting arrow / 5 Epic Moments From ‘The Two Towers’ Movie

There is a moment in the battle where Legolas pulls off one of the moment satisfying skateboard skills I have ever seen. He uses an Uruk-hai shield as a “skateboard” to slide down a flight of stairs, releasing arrows the entire time, and he finishes off with launching the jagged shield into one of the Uruk-hai. While completely unrealistic, it is one of the most fun moments of the entire movie. Also, it is a fantasy world after all. Who wants realism in a place like that?

4. Aragorn Throws Gimli

Aragorn and Gimli / 5 Epic Moments From ‘The Two Towers’ Movie

When the Uruk-hai begin storming the main entrance to Helm’s Deep, Aragorn knows he must do something about it. What better option could there be than to take his Dwarve friend Gimli through a secret exit on the side of the fortress, and ambush hundreds and hundreds of orcs? It was clearly the best option, since we got to see Aragorn toss Gimli (who is probably twice his weight) from the exit to the ramp. It doesn’t get much more epic than this scene!

5. Gandalf Returns

Gandalf returns to Helms Deep / 5 Epic Moments From ‘The Two Towers’ Movie

When the end of the battle is drawing near, and the people of Rohan are forced to retreat into the keep, Aragorn convinces King Théoden to make one last charge. Just as they are about to be completely overwhelmed by their opponents, Gandalf arrives with the Rohirrim (the exiled riders of Rohan) and turns the tide of the battle back to Rohan, forcing the remaining Uruk-hai to flee. Of course, Gandalf showed up just in time. If he had arrived any earlier, then where would the excitement have been in that?

Like I said before, there are simply too many epic moments from The Two Towers to mention them all, but I think those five were a pretty great start.

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