5 Drastic Relationship Changes In The New ‘Vampire Academy’

Several important relationships have been changed in the new ‘Vampire Academy’ and it’s concerning.

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Changes to any book adaptation is a risk, but is it a risk worth taking? Peacock’s new Vampire Academy seems to think so, because they have made quite a few changes. While I like some of the changes, it is the relationship changes that have me concerned. There are some relationships that are just too important for the series to change, and after last night’s episode I am worried about five relationship changes made.

1. Lissa and Rose

Rose and Lissa having a conversation.
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Above all else, at the heart of the Vampire Academy series, is friendship. Specifically the friendship between Moroi royal Lissa and Dhampir novice Rose, because their friendship goes against their society’s structure. As a moroi, Lissa cares more about the survival of her best friend, Rose a dhampir whose life is devoted to protecting her, even if it causes her death. Rose’s death, is not something Lissa can live with because of their friendship.

Their friendship is what motivates Lissa to try to change their society. But if her relationship with Rose falters or is destroyed, will she still attempt to change their society? Who will be Lissa’s emotional support if she has neither Rose or Christian?

With the death of her entire family and bloodline, Rose and Christian are the foundation of her strength. How is she supposed to fight the darkness that comes with Spirit, if she has no foundation of support? Who will be her new support in the absence of Rose and Christian?

2. Lissa and Christian

Lissa and Christian sharing a longing look.
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Christian’s relationship with Lissa has been through a roller coaster of emotions and it seems to only be getting worse. It seems obvious that Christian and Lissa truly like each other and want to be more, but events around them continue getting in the way. First, it was Lissa having to choose a husband to get her quorum back that drove them apart. But then our hopes were built up with Lissa’s proposal and engagement to Christian, only for us to be staked in the heart.

After last night’s episode, the divide between Christian and Lissa seems larger than ever. I mean, how is their relationship supposed to recover and go forward if Christian’s Strigoi parents murdered Lissa’s family? The way this plot line was written is concerning because Lissa and Christian’s relationship is vital to the series. I mean, Christian is one of Lissa’s main supporters, politically and emotionally, as she discovers more about her magic. How can he be this support when their relationship is nonexistent?

3. Robert and Victor

The Queen announcing the trials would decide who would be the next monarch.
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One of the many changes to the show were Victor and Robert who became romantic partners instead of brothers. It was this change that aided the show because the couple had a small family with their two daughters. Mia who was adopted, and Sonya, Robert’s daughter who had the magic Spirit and was willing to heal Victor of his sickness.

But after last night’s episode, this small family and positive change is in danger. With Tatiana’s reveal of Sonya turning strigoi, it is clear that neither Robert nor Mia were informed by Victor about Sonya’s transformation. It is this lie that will potentially cost Victor his family, his love and his emotional support. If or when Victor loses his family, will he become the evil character he was in The Vampire Academy?

Is Victor going to lose his new status as King after Tatiana’s power play? If he does, what does the future hold for the Dominion under Tatiana’s rule? For both the moroi, royal and non-royal, and the dhampirs?

4. Rose and Dimitri

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Last night’s episode made it clear just how much Rose pushes Dimitri to realize the freedom she has is what he has always wanted. As she pushes he’s realized how he’s turned into his father by rigidly following a faith that allows moroi to treat dhampir as lesser. He’s realized that he loves her more than his faith and duty.

But their relationship is also in the balance because Dimitri is choosing to run away from her and his duty. He chose to run because he loves her and would put her before his duty and it scares him. But will running away solve his problems? No. But will he stop loving her if he’s not around? I don’t think so. How are they supposed to become the powerful duo that shakes the Dominion, if he’s not around?

5. Meredith and Mia

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Mia and Meredith’s relationship mostly progresses off-screen but that doesn’t take from the changes their relationship has made to them as characters and to the show. Mia’s character is softer than her character in the books, which is due to her family but also because of Meredith. Meredith sees her for who she is and likes her for it. But will Meredith’s jealously and insecurities ruin this relationship before it’s truly had a chance?

Meredith is equally affected by her relationship with Mia. In the books she isn’t mentioned too much because she wasn’t close friends with Rose or Lissa, but in the show she is more involved. She also isn’t the mean girl her book character is portrayed to be; this is due to her new relationship with Mia. It’s making her softer, but will she ruin it?

Mia hasn’t been around for Meredith much as her father, Victor, was running for King and she was supporting him. By not being present in her relationship, Mia has caused Meredith to become jealous and to doubt whether or not Mia even cares about her. But will this doubt be the reason their relationship comes to an end? Or will she and Mia have a heart to heart and clear out any insecurities?

These relationship changes are crucial to the TV series as a whole because a majority of them were crucial to the plot of the book series. How the show will fix these relationships is what will keep viewers watching because we’re all desperate to see the show succeed.

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