5 ‘Daisy Jones & the Six’ Moments We Can’t Wait to See on Screen

The worst part of watching an adaptation is realizing what got cut. Here’s five ‘Daisy Jones & the Six’ moments we’re praying made it!

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Well, Daisy Jones & the Six is right around the corner and we’re so very excited to see Reese Witherspoon’s adaptation of the hit novel! While the story is told through interviews and a subjective reminiscing from the perspectives of all those involved, the show will be telling the tale as it really happened––uncolored by the opinions of the parties it revolves around.

As such, we’re super excited to see how the events play out and what they’ll look in this incredible adaptation. Join us as we take a look at the top five Daisy Jones & the Six scenes we’re most interested to see adapted for the television screen! Before you read on, be careful: this is your official spoiler alert!

5. Daisy Kisses Billy… And It All Goes Wrong

As far as we know, Daisy and Billy only ever kissed and it only happened once. Heartbroken when she is rejected, Daisy ends up using those feelings to write Regret Me. Considering the song that was released weeks ago doesn’t include the painful lyric: “when you think of me, I hope it ruins rock ’n’ roll”, it’s possible that the entire scene in the novel is re-written or removed or even reimagined completely. Regret Me hinges on Daisy’s rage and her pain at being alone and feeling unloved by Billy. Instead the song that was released is a lot lighter than expected.

So, will the scene where Daisy kisses Billy and then writes the song be included in the show? We hope so! It’s a scene that perfectly showcases all the ways the two work well together and all the ways they don’t. The band ultimately chooses to put the song on the Aurora album against Billy’s wishes, but with it being so intrinsically different from the one in the novel, we can’t help wondering if any of that nuance will carry over at all.

4. Billy and Camila’s Romance

While we cannot wait to see Daisy and Billy’s fiery romance burn on the screen, watching Camila and him fall in love and take on the trials and tribulations of married life together is definitely going to be something else! Billy’s feelings for Daisy aside, Camila and him have certainly had more than their fair share of drama with Billy’s addiction and rehabilitation, as well as Billy’s cheating in the early days of their marriage and the Six’s time on the road.

We’re very curious to see if the show will portray the complexities and richness of Camila and Billy’s dynamic, or if it will smooth over some of that to keep the run-time low. We hope for the former, as one of Taylor Jenkins Reid’s biggest strengths is her ability to add so much texture to her characters and their interpersonal dynamics.

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3. The Last Honeycomb Performance

The Chicago Stadium performance is legendary when we look at the Daisy Jones timeline. The last time the band performed together makes it pretty iconic on its own, but when you look at all the things that were leading up to that break down (Karen and Graham’s heartache, the epic love triangle, the strenuous band dynamics), it’s got all the makings for an explosion of tension and drama. In particular, we’re very curious to see what that will look like on screen.

When Daisy realizes that Billy will always be Camila’s, she sings Honeycomb the way he’d always intended and finally tells herself to let go of him. At the same time, Billy realizes that he is losing Daisy (or the possibility of Daisy) for good. It’s a scene with some very intense interiority that will rely on some very superb acting to carry those feelings across the screen and to the audience. We for one, cannot wait to watch it!

2. Camila and Daisy’s Talk

Something people who have read the book often forget when they talk about the relationships within it is the amount of girl power and the positive female dynamics it contains. Between Camila and Julia, Karen and Camila, and Daisy and Simone, there are so many positive and loving friendships to look at and be inspired by. However, one that is often overlooked is the very intriguing and complicated relationship between Daisy Jones and Camila Dunne.

We are very hopeful that the interaction between Camila and Daisy towards the end of the novel will be given its full opportunity to shine. After all, it is very important to show the full dimension of these two women and distinguish their characters as being made up of more than simply ‘loving Billy Dunne’. Let’s not forget that in the end, it is Camila of all people who helps Daisy on the road to taking care of herself.

Prime video still of Daisy Jones and the Six

1. The SNL Performance

At number one on our list is… of course, the Saturday Night Live performance! Perhaps the most emotionally fraught and distressing scene in the entire novel, we are simply on the edge of our seats to watch both Riley Keough and Sam Claflin play it out. Daisy’s realization on stage regarding the true depth of her feelings for Billy and her being resigned to that heartbreak is a beautifully painful moment. Karen Sirko even mentions that it “killed everybody in the room”. If the scene ends up being even half as emotional as it is in the novel, it will kill all of us too!

And of course, when he’s looking back at it during the interview, that scene is also when Billy delivers his speech about his feelings for Daisy, in which he compares her to fire and Camila to water. It’s a monologue that, if they manage to adapt it into the series, is sure to be heartwrenching.

So, what do you think? Considering the series is limited to ten episodes, there’s likely to be some things that might end up being left out. We just hope that the five moments we’ve listed above will be adapted to the best of the writers’ abilities and that we’ll get to see it all play out––the good, the bad and the ugly!

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