5 Crazy Romance Book Covers That Will Destroy You

Need some crazy and hilarious romance covers? Never to fear, recommendations are here…

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With Valentine’s Day just around the corner, it’s time to brace ourselves for the onslaught of cheesy rom-coms and heart-shaped everything. Whether you’re diving headfirst into the world of love stories or desperately dodging Cupid’s arrow, I’ve got something that will surely bring a smile to your face (or maybe just make you cringe). Either way, I won’t be alone in this pain. so let us take a peek into the hilariously outrageous book covers together

1. Tender Wings of Desire by Harland Sanders

Tender Wings of Desire by Harland Sanders

Ah, yes, because nothing says romance like a Colonel Sanders fanfiction written under the name of Sanders… It’s finger-likin ridiculous and by far the strangest book idea I’ve ever seen.

2. The Surgeon’s Surprise Twins by Jacqueline Diamond


Every romance needs an unexpected medical twist, right? The cover isn’t the bad part. No. It is the whirlwind synopsis that I thought, for some reason, was a smart idea to read. Dr. Owen’s brother’s baby (a baby for whom he donated sperm) is due—but hold on, his sister-in-law isn’t pregnant. Nope, it’s her sister, a nurse Owen works with, who volunteered to be the surrogate mother… A gem of a story… really.

3. The Naked Alien by Honey Phillips

The Naked Alien by Honey Phillips

This is certainly one way to take “out of this world” romance to a whole new level. Aliens in love, sure, but naked aliens? That’s a whole other dimension.

4. Wilder by Frankie Love

Wilder by Frankie Love

First question: Why are there babies?

Second question: Who allowed this?

Third question: Why are there babies!?

If you want a beautiful, sweet story about a mountain man in Seattle and babies on the cover… you can come to the wrong place.

5. Dylan by Norah Hess

Dylan by Noriah Hess

I think the title says it all…

I like the route the author took, just to throw a generic name onto the cover and call it a day. Dylan who? You don’t need to know that.

Truthfully, I’m glad that we have come together to laugh and fear the world of romance book covers that exist in our universe. Some things in this universe are just too wild to ignore, and these hilarious covers definitely fall into that category. They may be ridiculous, they may be over-the-top, but one thing’s for sure—they certainly catch the reader’s attention.

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