5 Chilly Thrillers to Read in January 2023

Need a chilly read that will thrill you this January? Well, now it’s 2023! The Christmas and Hannukah decor is back in its closet. Time to read a chiller thriller!

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We know Christmas and Hanukkah are over but that doesn’t mean you can stop enjoying the winter. These five thrillers will chill you to the bone and remind you of the cold winters of December and January.

1. The List – Carys Jones

The List - Carys Jones-- 5 Chilly Thrillers to Read in January 2023

Five names on a list and, you are the third name.

Beth Belmant runs everyday on the same trail towards her house. She knows every crevice in the road, right down to the bumps. One day, she notices a piece of paper against a tree trunk during her usual route. Five names are on that paper, including hers. What ties her to these four strangers?

She gets the sense of unease, especially when she discovers the first two on the list are dead. When she begisn to dig into the past of the two dead strangers, the truth will unravel and become a hellish nightmare.

2. Silent Night – Nell Pattison

Silent Night - Nell Pattison

This is the second installment in the Paige Northwood mystery series.

A school for deaf youths takes an overnight trip to the snowy woods. Five teenagers sleep, but four wake up. Loen is missing, and a teacher’s body is found in the forest. Enter Paige Northwood, who is a sign language interpreter for the students during the interrogation. When questioning all the suspects, everyone can have a motive, yet they all have alibis. She suspects there is sinister work at play here and that the killer will soon strike again. Will she solve this mystery? Can she find Leon?

3. She’s Gone – David Bell

She's Gone - David Bell

Seventeen year old, Hunter Gifford, wakes up in the hospital. He is told he and his girlfriend, Chloe Summers, were in a car accident. With no memory of this event, he’s horrified when he discovers there is blood in the car but no sign of Chloe. She has disappeared, and every direction points to him.

When going back to school, he is taunted, and his once best friend is doing a documentary, pointing all the blame at him. What’s worse, Chloe’s mother accuses him of her daughter’s death.

With intense pressure from the police, he goes out to clear his name. He questions anyone who may know the details of that homecoming night. He posts videos proving his innocence. But when someone says they saw him and Chloe arguing, he gets a sickening feeling. Did he kill the one person he loves?

4. Five Total Strangers – Natalie D. Richards

Five Total Strangers - Natalie D. Richards

Mira flies home to spend Christmas with her grief-stricken mother who can’t handle being alone right now. However, a severe blizzard causes her flight to be canceled layover. To reach her mom in time, she hitches a ride with a group of college kids who were also on the same flight. As the driving progresses and the snow picks up, she realizes that these passengers don’t know one another.

What’s worse is that someone wants to make this road trip deadly.

5. The Things She’s Seen – Ambelin and Ezekiel Kwaymullina

The Things She's Seen - Ambelin and Ezekiel Kwaymullina

Ever since Beth Teller died, her life hasn’t been the same. Her father is grieving and has been able to see and hear her since the accident. She has a mystery to solve, that hopefully will remind her dad that he is alive and that life is worth living after losing someone.

Who is Isobel Catching and why can she see and hear Beth too? What is her connection to the investigation of the fire? A fire occurred in the home for troubled youth. Why have the people of that incident disappeared? As Beth and her father investigate this mystery, they soon discover something heartbreaking and shocking that comes to the surface.

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