5 Children’s Books To Teach Your Child About Navroz!

These children’s books are the perfect way to teach your child about celebrating Spring Equinox!

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We’re bidding goodbye to dreary Winter blues and saying hello to Spring! Several communities across the world celebrate the Spring Equinox, known locally as Navroz, Nowruz and other variations in spelling. 

Navroze is a festival celebrating the coming of spring and the beginning of the new year according to the Persian calendar. It is most commonly celebrated by Irani or Persian communities worldwide, as well as by many Muslim ethnicities. 

To introduce the concept of Navroze to your child, here’s 5 books to read with them! 

Hooray! Hooray! Nowruz is Here! — Mojgan Roohani 

Navroz book cover--Hooray! Hooray! Nowruz is Here!
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Come prepare for Nowruz celebrations through the colorful illustrations in this book! You’ll also get a chance to learn new Persian words and engage in fun activities once you reach the end.

Seven Special Somethings: A Nowruz Story — Adib Khorram 

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How many things can you think of that start with the letter ’S’? Join Kian in finding seven special somethings to set up his Haft Seen table.

Our Haft Sin — Anahita Tammadon

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Setting up the Haft Sin table is an exciting tradition for many children celebrating Nowruz. Join Dina as she sets up her Haft Sin table step by step.

The New Year’s Goldfish — Solmaz Parveen 

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Keyan is excited for Nowruz and has a lot to think about as his family begins preparing for the big day! Join Keyan on his adventures as he tries to help his family in setting up.

Niko’s Nifty Nowruz — Sheila Salamat 

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Celebrate Nowruz with Niko with some fun rhymes and adorable illustrations!

These colorful illustrations and easy-to-follow stories are a great resource for introducing your child to the celebrations of Spring Equinox. Navroze Mubarak to all those who celebrate!

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