5 Books To Give You Log Cabin Fever Vibes

Log Cabin Fever is in the air this summer. To celebrate Log Cabin Day we have five books that cater to different genres of a cabin nature setting.

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Summer is all about log cabin fever! If you have or haven’t been to a log cabin, it’s a cozy feeling whether in snow or sunshine. Today is Log Cabin Day, and we have five books that cater to different genres of romance, horror, mystery and nature. If any of these pique your interest look below for your log cabin fever book you’ll vibe with this summer.

1. The Girl in Cabin 13 by A.J. Rivers


Emma Griffin is an FBI agent going undercover in a small town called Feather Nest, where many disappearances are happening. She is staying at cabin 13, where she feels uneasy, eyes watching her.

When a knock on the door greets her, suddenly her childhood trauma and present clash. When a dead body is on her porch with her name on the victim’s hand, it’s a clue to the mystery of her past.

Her mother’s death, her father’s disappearance, and her boyfriend’s disappearance start to be the pieces of what connects her to this case, to this town. Now she must confront the dark truths about the forest and her case altogether.

2. The Last Cabin Girl by Tom Swyers


A suspensful mystery which will have you looking over your shoulder.

Taking place during the pandemic, Josie Thompson is a struggling waitress and a mom of two. She just wants a fresh start away from her abusive husband, small town and family who keeps a secret. But sadly she isn’t going anywhere. When a victim floats to the surface in a nearby river by her isolated cabin, the FBI charge her for murder.

Free on bond, it doesn’t help that there are several other bodies unaccounted for in the river. If convicted she’ll be in prison forever away from her children. To clear her name she must confront her issues, including Covid-19 to figure out who’d done it.

Who can she trust: a detective, former cop, her estranged lawyer brother, a millionare with eyes for her? With limited options she must use her wits and guts to figure out the deep truth about the town and her family.

3. The Simple Wild by K.A. Tucker


Love a cute nature romance? How a girl in the city comes back to her roots in the rural isolation of Alaska.

When Calla was a baby her mother took her from their isolated Alaskan home, away from her dad. Now 26 years old, she is used to the busy Toronto life. But when she finds out her father has a few years left, possibly, she goes on a long trip back to where she grew up briefly.

At first she adjusts to her new environment with the wildlife, daylight, and outdoor nature. She soon develops the sense of care for her estranged father.

Then comes Jonah, an arrogant unkept man who works as a pilot for her dad’s charter plan company. This Alaskan pilot believes she is too pampered and unfit to stay out here and wants to send her back home. Despite her not being in her element out here, she wants to prove to smug proud man wrong.

They soon form a bond of friendship but it may lead to deepr feelings. But much like her parents story, it didn’t go well, can she make the write decision for her heart?

4. Touching Spirit Bear by Ben Mikaelsen


A book that is spiritual, healing life lessons and a bit philosophicle. If you like some greusome details and nature, then this book has a gripping story.

Cole Matthews has anger, hot rage, and hate in his soul. He steals, picks fights, and recently has done the unthinkable. He smashes someone’s head on a sidewalk. The victim has a huge risk of brain damage. He is offered a final chance called the Circle Justice, a system which follows Native American traditions of healing out in the wilderness.

Cole doesn’t really want to repent, but jail time isn’t an option. So he gives it a shot. He blames his alcoholic mother and abusive father. Now he has one year of banishment to an Alaskan island.

When he gets mauled by a white bear of Native American legend, he begins to reflect on his actions. In order to survive he must take responsibility of his life. When resucers save Cole’s body from death, he is curioius about the mysterious bear, knowing it has saved his soul.

5. In the House in the Dark of the Woods by Laird Hunt


If psychological horror and suspense is your go to cabin story, then this book is ideal for you to crawl under your blanket in the cabin cold.

Set in colonial New england, a woman goes missing…or maybe she ran away, have gotten kidnapped and sent to the woods up North? Alone, lost and confused as to where she is, she meets another woman which changes her life forever.

An eerie journey of a wolf-haunted wood, deep wells, living ship out of human bones. She must confront her past and figure out if their is evil approaching or is within herself.

Try one of the five or all five log cabin books. Which one gave you the ideal cabin vibes for your vacation plans? go to Bookstr for more Cabin books suggestions.