5 Baking Romances to Sink Your Teeth Into!

Baking and romance always go hand in hand. 5 baking romances to eat up this summer to celebrate National AppleTurnover Day!

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Baking is one of my interests, and so is eating any confectionery pastries. One pastry that is serving appreciation today is the apple turnover. To celebrate National Apple Turnover Day, I have selected 5 baking romances that will fill your sweet tooth and be hot and ready to read. Prepare yourself for baking literature and of course the sweet romance!

1. Love From Scratch by Kaitlyn Hill


Enjoy the rivals to chemistry trope?

Reese Camden is going from southern life all the way to Seattle for a marketing internship. Her summer will be most spent at Friends of Flavor, a cooking channel.

Benny Beneventi is a backwards cap charmer who is a culinary intern, and most of all, Reese’s competition this summer for the fall job.

When her goal is no feelings at all, she is thrown into a video shoot that creates a relationship between them. The bosses of Friends of Flavor want to cater to the audience and use this to their advantage. Now they have to spend time together doing foods wars, baking, churning and other competitions. The audience starts to eat it all up, but what if Reese can’t deny this chemistry they have?

2. The Heartbreak Bakery by A.R. Capetta


A magical baking concept about love and heartbreak.

Teen baker Syd starts a heartbreaking spree through the queer community of Austin. Through baking, Syd has dealt with hardships and things they’d have difficulty discussing. Baking is their escape, so when they are dumped, they make brownies. They work at Proud Muffin, a queer bakery. But when people eat their brownies and break up with someone, they don’t know if it’s their baking that’s causing such magic.

Even the owners of Proud Muffin, Vin and Alec, have relationship issues that can cause the bakery to shut down. When the cute bike delivery person Harley (he/they) believes Syd about baking magic, Harley also believes there can be a way to reverse the effects.

3. Where There’s a Whisk by Sarah J. Schmitt


You’ll get the impression of any cooking reality tv show you’ve seen on Food Network.

Peyton Sinclaire wants to escape her diner waitress job in small-town North Florida to attend a culinary school. Top Teen Chef is a new Food TV show that pacts up reality and culinary competition. To prove to herself and the world that you can go anywhere no matter where you come from, she applies to be on the show.

Once she is on the show and the competition heats up off set, she must figure out what is real or scripted. Peyton must prove to the judges her cooking talents and risk her dreams to do it.

4. Donuts and Other Proclamations of Love by Jared Reck


Craving a funny contemporary about donuts and romance?

Oscar Olsson seems lost. He hates school, supposedly reads bad, and has no college aspirations. However, Oscar has it all figured out. He works with his Swedish grandfather, the man who raised him, on a food truck. He doesn’t want to go to college and wants to take over the food truck business after high school.

Mary Louise, or Lou, is seen as a driven student who can go to an Ivy League College.

When Lou hijacks Oscar’s planned schedule in the culinary lab, he is sucked into helping with a resume building service project about reduction of waste in Central Adams High School. He now has to spend constant hours with someone he can’t stand.

When the end goal is near, an unexpected relationship emerges, and the festival season is upon them, their futures might now be uncertain.

5. Love, Lies, Lemon Pies by Katy Cannon


Sixteen-year-old Lottie is trying to protect her personal secret. Lying and baking are her go-to talents at this point. When her dad died, she was in constant limbo, figuring out what to do with herself. When the school offers her a spot in the baking club, she doesn’t have much of an option. She takes the chance, anything to avoid them seeing her mom. Lottie soon rekindles her passion for baking that was once lost. It doesn’t help that there is a rebellious club member named Mac. When the end of the year bake-off comes, she must prove to herself that she belongs in this club and may learn to be fearless and truthful along the way.

I hope these five delicious takes in a bakery setting with romance tropes had you salivating for more content! For more romance or bakery-related books, please check out Bookstr.