4 Ways to Influence your Friends with Books

Being a bookworm means also helping others to see the beauty and benefits to reading. Here are 4 ways you can influence your friends with books.

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Sometimes it can be hard to dive into a book and stay engaged in it. Sometimes we just need a little encouragement from others in order to really see the greatness behind reading a book. These are just a few ways you can influence your friends and help turn them into true bookworms.

1. Book Clubs

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When thinking of the term “book club”, it’s easy to imagine a group of older women sitting on a fancy couch, gossiping about the characters of the book they most likely didn’t finish. But book clubs can be so much more than that. It can be a way to read a book without feeling alone in it. It gives you someone to talk to about the book, and maybe even help understand certain parts of its content better. You can benefit your friendship with someone so much just by being interested and engaged in the same things as them. Books can be a great way to open up that friendship and find things to relate to. Book clubs can make it more personal and interesting and help our non bookworm friend enjoy reading a lot more.

2. Summer Reads

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Summer is probably one of the best times, as an adult at least, to read a book. It’s relaxing and adds to the true feel of a summer vacation, and it’s the prime time in between school work and heavy job loads. There is nothing better than sitting on the beach with the sun in your face and a book in your hand. Some authors are known for writing books specifically designed for a good summer read. Beach Read by Emily Henry can be the perfect starting book for a friend to read this summer! Summer is one of the best, most relaxing times of the year, making it the perfect time for a book, and an even more perfect time for a new bookworm!

3. Book Spots

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Reading doesn’t always have to be sitting in a room by yourself with a lamp hovering over the lines of the pages. When our friends are not the biggest fans of reading, sometimes a change in scenery is the explanation to getting them excited about books. There are many different locations around the globe that feature some of the coolest book spots. This can go from porch side relaxing, all the way to underground bookstores. The possibilities are endless! Getting out of your comfort zone also means getting out of your shell. Find a new spot that makes reading more interesting and fun. Click here for an article all about one of the coolest book spots in Georgia.

4. Book Recommendations

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There is no better way to get your friends interested in books, than giving them a list of your personal favorites. The types of books you read can display your personality in a very interesting way. By giving your friends your personal book recommendations, you’re showing them what you enjoy, and they will most likely take interest in similar genres. True bookworms have an endless list of book recommendations, so if you’re one looking to influence a friend, send them that list!

Now that you have these tips, help your friends become a bookworm too!

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