4 Poetry Novels To Relax In A Hammock With

Craving relaxation this summer while in a hammock? Well, we have four poetry novels that will cater to you and help lull you into poetic slumber.

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Being on a hammock can be a relaxation opportunity. The idea of floating midair while contained in a cacoon structure can be fun. It’s a perfect outdoor comfort, especially if you have something to read. I have four poetry novels you can explore while being in a hammock.

1. Perfect Black – Crystal Wilkinson


Want amazing illustrations and a storytelling collection?

Wilkinson creates a poetic story through grief, witches, scenery, and more. Themes of girlhood, racism, black body, and life, these poems and prose will help you explore her rural roots and Southern Appalachian heritage. Amazing illustrations were created by Ronald W. Davis.

2. Requeening – Amanda Moore


A National Poetry Series Winner. This author’s experience and your personal experiences may intersect.

Explore the matriarchal structure of the bee hive. This poetry novel contains themes of daughterhood, motherhood, and female roles within the world. The poetic hybrid structure creates a concept of the collapse of the hive and find a new successor. “To be fed and broken and fed again..” is the mentality of this collection. From illness to recovery and evolving relationships, you can take away overlapping experiences in this novel.

3. Return Flight – Jennifer Huang


If you crave a more mythical folklore poetry collection, then this novel will cater to your mystical and mythological desires.

The author explores the generations throughout Taiwan, China, and America. It catalogs family history and how to heal. Explore the body, inheritance, trauma, and desire with these captivating words which can educate and inspire your thinking.

4. Content Warning: Everything – Awaeke Emezi


A new perspective of belonging somewhere can be found in this poetry novel. If you enjoy down-to-earth terminology and themes of desire, surrendering, abuse, and survival foils; then this collection is perfect. It explores home and homesickness, the essence of self, and spirit first perspective.

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