11 Bookish Inconvenient Curses for Your Greatest Enemies

Are you hoping that impolite person who ruined your day stubs their toe? Spice up your wickedness with these problematic jinxes for book lovers.

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Angry woman in between two stacks of books

Has someone pissed you off today, making you want to curse them harmlessly? If that someone reads, then I have the best bookish inconveniences to wish upon your enemy.

Here at Bookstr, we do not condone violence. We do, however, condone getting revenge by being mildly problematic when someone is being a jerk. For the bookish community, there is no better way to ruin someone’s day than to disrupt their enjoyable reading experience. We, the petty community, keep that in mind whenever a bookish individual decides to wreck our good mood.

Greatest Jinxs to Vex Even The Most Patient Readers

Woman doing witchcraft.

I hope the pages of your book get stuck together.

I hope someone spoils the ending for you.

I hope you drop your book and lose your place.

I hope the covers of the series don’t match.

I hope the author goes on a long hiatus after leaving you on a cliffhanger.

I hope your e-reader dies as soon as the plot is getting good.

I hope someone keeps talking to you while you are trying to read.

I hope the movie/TV adaptation ruins the franchise.

I hope you get a book hangover.

I hope your favorite character dies.

I hope the author describes way too much about the characters/setting.

While these may not seem damaging to non-readers, trust me when I say they are the bane of our bookish existence. Just writing them down makes me fear for my own reading experience. Use this list wisely and enjoy the sweet taste of bookish revenge.

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