11 Bookish Amazon Must-Haves for Your Reading Nook

Amazon is the place to go for all your needs. Especially your reading needs! We found 11 Amazon must-haves to upgrade your reading nook.

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bookish items on a bookish background - candle, book mark, shelf, and holder.

There has never been a time when Amazon has failed me. On a special occasion like National Splurge Day, bookworms get to enjoy some of the perks of being lovers of books — unique bookmarks, illustrated mugs, quality bookends, and durable booklights. There’s only one day a year when it’s mandatory to treat yourself, so take full advantage and carefully read on to elevate your reading nook.

1. Personalized Feather Bookmark ($9.99)

What’s more special than your own personalized bookmark to use for your favorite book.

Gold feather book mark with the initial A in a brown gift box.

This vintage-style metal feather bookmark is not only great for marking pages, but also a personalized accessory. With great care, this will add a special touch to your books and reading area.

2. Book Mug ($16.99)

A black mug with a bookshelf illustrated around the mug.

Nothing goes better with reading than a warm cup of tea or hot cocoa. Instead of using the same mug you’ve had in your kitchen cabinets for years, treat yourself to a library-themed bookshelf mug. This mug will be the perfect fit for any bookworm out there.

3. Triangle Book Stand ($15.96)

Going off the mug announced before, a book stand with a drink holder is the perfect pairing.

Wooden book stand and mug holder.

If you have a favorite mug you love, then this is a must for when you are reading. This versatile stand, with its unique and original design, adds a touch of literary flair to any reading room.

4. Assorted Wooden Book Holders ($13.99)

wooden physical book folders

Do your fingers ever get tired of holding a book open? I know mine certainly begins to cramp after a few hours of reading. That is why I found the perfect solution to this common problem. These assorted wooden page holders are stunning, comfortable, and affordable!

5. Leather Magnetic Bookmarks ($17.99)

Leather magnetic book marks on a book and laying open on a table.

If you are tired of losing paper bookmarks, as I am, these magnetic bookmarks are stylish and fit most books. No more frustrating searches for the last read page, as these have a tight hold and come in ten different colors!

6. Chess Bookends ($26.99)

black knight and rook check piece book ends with classics between them

These decorative bookends are a perfect pairing for your books. With 24% off, Amazon has supplied durable and unique bookends that are a must-have for all bookshelves. Even if you do not like chess, these lightweight chess bookends are stylish ornaments and are also sturdy for all your book displays, according to reviewers.

7. Book Stand ($35.99)

Book stand on a desk

A little on the pricey side, but if you are in need of a comfortable reading experience then this is book stand is just for you! This product is perfect for busy people, according to reviewers. It keeps your book open at eye level, making it easy to glance over and pick up where you left off.

8. Book Light ($17.99)

Around the next book light

Originally $32.99, this bendable and rechargeable neck light is the perfect addition for reading in bed or on your favorite reading chair. What better time to make this purchase than when it’s on sale!

9. Book Shaped Flower Vase ($9.99)

Glass flower vase in the shape of a book on a book shelf with tulips inside.

Need I say more? This gorgeous vase is more than a pretty addition to a shelf; it also stands as a bookend. This versatile vase adds an elegant touch to any reading nook. According to reviewers, it is not only beautiful and unique but also sturdy.

10. Book Reading Blanket ($24.99)

quilted book blanket

Ever get the chills when you’re reading thriller or mystery books? Well, I certainly do and a specialized reading blanket gets me warm and cozy. I don’t know about you, but I love to wrap myself up in blanket and be extra cozy while reading a good book.

11. Reading Candle ($16.99)

Reading time candle

What better way to set the mood for reading than your very own candle. This isn’t just an ordinary candle, infused with natural essential oils and lavender, this calming candle will create the perfect aroma for your reading atmosphere.

Your reading corner or special spot should feel comfortable and cozy, a safe place you can escape to, but also one where you enjoy spending unlimited time. These Amazon finds are sure to spice up any reading nook, and you could see your orders in just a matter of days.

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