10 Books to Add to Your Cyber Monday Shopping Cart

We searched through all the Cyber Monday deals so you didn’t have to! Add these books to your Cyber Monday shopping cart.

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Let’s end this holiday weekend with some book recommendations! You might be feeling a bit overwhelmed with what books to buy and from where. Not to worry, though. I found the perfect books to add to that Cyber Monday shopping cart of yours.

All of the book deals this weekend are overwhelming. I’ll say it for all of us. Not only is our TBR staring at us 24/7, but we must also struggle with deciding what books we are going to add to our TBR. I’ve been really into nonfiction lately, so I chose a few of those for you along with an abundance of fiction to keep you entertained for the rest of the year.

All of these books are on sale, so grab them while you can!


There is something about nonfiction during the holiday season. I chose a few of my current favorites that are on sale to add to your Cyber Monday cart.

The Light We Carry by Michelle Obama

book cyber monday deals to add to your shopping cart : The light we carry by Michelle Obama book cover
cr. Barnes & Noble

“When we are able to recognize our own light, we become empowered to use it.” 

— Michelle Obama, The Light We Carry

It is no secret how unpredictable today’s world can be. Former First Lady Michelle Obama shares practical and powerful strategies to help you stay hopeful. She uses her experiences as a mother, daughter, spouse, friend, and First Lady to share successful habits she has developed to change and overcome obstacles. 

Explore fresh stories and insightful reflections on change, challenge, and power. I think we all can use a little light when available and Michelle Obama gives us exactly that. 

Waypoints: My Scottish Journey by Sam Heughan

book cyber monday deals to add to your shopping cart : Waypoints: My Scottish Journey by Sam Heughan
cr. Barnes & Noble

“I had to believe, because frankly, I had come so far there could be no turning back.”

— Sam Heughan, Waypoints: My Scottish Journey

I’ve spoken about this memoir before as we all know I’m a big Outlander fan. Lucky for us, Barnes & Noble marked Sam Heughan’s memoir 50% off!

Described as his love letter to Scotland’s West Highland Way, journey deep with Sam Heughan as he explores his life and reflects on aspects that define him. This intimate memoir is filled with self-discovery that will leave you reflecting upon your own “waypoints” that shape you. 

The Stories We Tell by Joanna Gaines

book cyber monday deals to add to your shopping cart : The Stories We Tell by Joanna Gaines
cr. Barnes & Noble

“This book is not an autobiography. I still have too much to learn and discover about myself, and I feel as though I am only halfway there. This book also is not a how-to, because I certainly don’t have all the answers. What I hope this book is for you is an invitation to come as you are. To join me, with a vulnerable and open heart, as we connect the chapters of our life stories, and figure out where we go next, learning to move forward from within.”

— Joanna Gaines, The Stories We Tell

I thoroughly enjoy watching Joanna Gaines in Fixer Upper and now she shares an emotional and inspiring story of her own. This authentic and vulnerable journey explores doubt, belief, and acceptance. Read Joanna’s moving story as she goes from insecurity to self-discovery while finding truth beyond the lies.


Dive into the world of fiction with these book recommendations. Snag the m for Cyber Monday for a huge discount!

Dark and Shallow Lies by Ginny Myers Sain

book cyber monday deals to add to your shopping cart :  dark and shallow lies by ginny Myers sain
cr. Barnes & Noble

“A teen girl disappears from her small town deep in the bayou, where magic festers beneath the surface of the swamp like water rot, in this chilling debut supernatural thriller for fans of Natasha Preston, Karen McManus, and Rory Power.”

— Barnes & Noble

As a girl from Louisiana, I’m always intrigued by books set there. This mystery explores the town of La Cachette where people always expect spooky things to happen. Some call it the Psychic Capital of the World. When Elora goes missing, even the town full of psychics can’t seem to figure out where she went. Grey begins to look into her best friend’s disappearance and learns people aren’t what they seem.

This small-town spooky thriller will leave you stunned as secrets start revealing themselves.

Carrie Soto Is Back: A Novel by Taylor Jenkins Reid

book cyber monday deals to add to your shopping cart : Carrie Soto is back a novel book cover TaylorJenkins Reid
cr. Barnes & Noble

“Gorgeous. The kind of sharp, smart, potent book you have to set aside every few pages just to catch your breath. I’ll take a piece of Carrie Soto forward with me in life and be a little better for it.”

— Emily Henry, author of Book Lovers and Beach Read

Carrie Soto retired from tennis as the best player the world ever saw. After shattering every record and claiming twenty Grand Slam titles, she’s done it all. However, six years later she is sitting in the stands of the 1994 US Open while her record gets snatched away by a stunning player named Nicki Chan. Her next move shocks everyone— At 37, Carrie Soto decides to come out of retirement for one last year to claim her record.

Lessons in Chemistry by Bonnie Garmus

book cyber monday deals to add to your shopping cart : lessons in chemistry by bonnie grams
cr. Barnes & Noble

“Meet 2022’s most incomparable protagonist! This blockbuster debut set in 1960s California features the singular voice of Elizabeth Zott, a scientist whose career takes a detour when she becomes the star of a beloved TV cooking show.”

— Barnes & Noble

The Barnes & Noble Book of the Year obviously makes the list!

Elizabeth Zott is anything but an average woman. She is a chemist in the 1960s and her all-male team at Hastings Research Institute views equality very unscientifically. However, there is one who is different— Calvin Evans. He’s a lonely, brilliant, Nobel-prize nominated grudge-holder who just so happens to fall in love with Elizabeth’s mind. Her story takes a turn she never saw coming when  a few years later she is not only a single mother, but also the star of Supper at Six.

You might think she is just teaching women to cook, but she is actually on her way to changing the status quo.

The Night Ship by Jess Kidd

book cyber monday deals to add to your shopping cart :  the night ship by jess Kidd
cr. Barnes & Noble

“Based on a real-life event, an epic historical novel from the award-winning author of Things in Jars that illuminates the lives of two characters: a girl shipwrecked on an island off Western Australia and, three hundred years later, a boy finding a home with his grandfather on the very same island.”

— Barnes & Noble

You all know I love a historical novel. This thrilling and mysterious novel shows you two stories connected in a way you wouldn’t imagine. It’s 1629 and newly orphaned Mayken is headed to the Dutch East Indies on the Batavia— One of the greatest ships of the Dutch Golden Age. While she goes on adventures for mythical monsters, the true monsters are closer to her than she knows.

Fast foreword to 1989. Gil is a lonely boy sent to live off the coast of Western Australia where his mother once resided. There he discovers the story of a shipwreck… 

In a New York Minute by Kate Spencer

book cyber monday deals to add to your shopping cart :  in a New York minute by Kate Spencer
cr. Barnes & Noble

“A meet-cute? In New York City? Hold that train, and count us in!”

— Barnes & Noble

Name something better than meet-cutes in New York City? It’s very hard to do.

Franny Doyle is having one of the worst days imaginable. Not only has she been laid off, but also, the subway door ripped her favorite silk dress to shreds exposing her to half of lower Manhattan. This wouldn’t be a rom-com without a dashing stranger coming to the rescue with his (Gucci!) suit jacket. However, the stranger can’t seem to bolt away fast enough. Still not convinced this is the worst day ever? Another stranger posted this not-so-meet-cute online.

Franny and Hayes couldn’t be a worse match, which makes New Yorks obsession with their social media appearance increasingly difficult. 

The Stolen Book of Evelyn Aubrey by Serena Burdick

book cyber monday deals to add to your shopping cart : The Stolen Book of Evelyn Aubrey by Serena Burdick
cr. Barnes & Noble

“Rich in atmosphere and emotion, The Stolen Book of Evelyn Aubrey tells the story of literary secrets, a family curse and the lengths women will go to take charge of their future.”

— Barnes & Noble

Have you ever wanted to write a new ending for yourself? What if someone told you it was possible? 

It’s 1898 in England when Evelyn first married famous novelist William Aubrey. While she was dazzled by his brilliance, their honeymoon phase was brief once William became gripped with writer’s block making his jealous of Evelyn’s writing talents grow each day. When he commits the ultimate betrayal by stealing a draft of her novel and passing it as his own, she decides there’s only one thing she can do— Write her way out of their unhappy marriage. 

Jump foreword to California 2006 and Abigail always wondered who her father was. She thought his identity was lost forever upon the death of her mother, but she stumbles across a photo and message that her great-grandmother is none other than author Evelyn Aubrey.

If He Had Been with Me by Lauren Nowlin

book cyber monday deals to add to your shopping cart : If He Had Been with Me by Lauren Nowlin
cr. Barnes & Noble

If He Had Been with Me is a beautiful, raw portrait of love, regret, and the life-altering impact of the relationships we hold closest to us.”

— Barnes & Noble

Autumn and Finn were inseparable until something changed between them… Maybe it was them who changed. Regardless, now they work better when ignoring one another. Autumn is dating Jamie and Finn is now the boy at school that everyone wants to be around. None of this stops how Autumn feels when her and Finn cross paths. She can’t seem to shake the nagging thought that things could have ended up different between them.

However, when August comes, things change forever. Now as time passes, Autumn is forced to confront just how different life would be if they didn’t part ways.

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