Which Hypnotic Book Boyfriend Would You Actually Date? Quiz

Take this quiz to find out what swoon-worthy book boyfriend you would date and what that says about your bookish habits!

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Characters from Wuthering Heights and Twilight adaptations are placed against a pink background with colorful book graphics.

Book boyfriends are all characteristically charming, jaw-dropping, and heroic. Their eccentric acts of love steal our hearts and make us swoon book after book. As much as we idolize these fictional men, we can’t help but like some more than others! And sometimes, our opinions vary drastically from the overall book community, which is valid all the same!

Additionally, our favorite characters are reflections of us and our reading habits. Are you more into the classics or the spooky, paranormal tales? Take this quiz to see what your bookish opinions on some quintessential love interests reveal about you!

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