Read Books and Watch Movies Without Restrictions Due to a Free VPN Download

Want to watch or read content from other countries but can’t seem to get them where you’re located? Read on to discover free VPN software to help you gain access.

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If you’re a book lover or a movie fan, you’ve probably encountered the fact that some of them are not available to you. The most offensive thing is that the only factor that determines whether you get access to a particular movie or book is based on your location. Free VPN was developed to ensure that everyone has equal access to the free Internet. So, it can be your magic wand to access blocked content and reduce your costs.

What is a free VPN?

VPN is a security technology that began in the corporate world in the 90s. Initially, it was used to securely transfer business data by encrypting it and using VPN protocols. And now, the security function remains the main one in the VPN. However, if you decide to try a free VPN download, you will get additional features.

Undoubtedly, VPN technology will fulfill its primary function and allow you to browse the web and exchange information safely from any Internet network. At the same time, by hiding your IP address and replacing it with the address of a remote VPN server, you will get access to geographically restricted content and will be able to buy digital books and subscriptions to streaming services at a lower cost.

How to use a free VPN to bypass geo-bans on books and movies?

Over time, various books have been banned in different countries. Even the Bible was banned in the Soviet Union in the last century. Today, many books are blocked at different levels, from school libraries to distribution bans at the national level. While a complaint from a parent is enough to block literature at the school library, censorship at the state level is usually based on political, legal, moral, or religious motives. The position of the American Library Association is the opposite; they insist on free access to books and declare “Books for All.”

In any case, in the Internet era, you can find the books you are interested in online. This also applies to movies. To do this, you will need a VPN.

When you connect to a free VPN, you can choose from one of the available remote servers. Such servers are located in different countries, and even using a free VPN, you will have about five different options to choose from. You should choose a VPN that has servers in countries where the content you are interested in is allowed. To do this, you will have to conduct research for your specific needs.

Connect to a VPN server located in a country where the books or movies are not blocked. Websites that track your location will assume that you are in the country where the server is located. This way you can view or download the content you want.

Use the VPN to access your favorite content while traveling.

When you travel abroad, you may lose access to your favorite shows on streaming platforms and even your music playlist. The content you love may be banned in the country you arrived in. In countries with a high level of internet censorship, such as China or Russia, even the social networks you are used to are blocked. So, if you can’t imagine your day without an Instagram story or an evening show on Netflix, install a VPN on the mobile devices you take with you. You can get a free VPN for IOS from the App Store. You can download the Android VPN for free from the Play Store.

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To access the content, you need to connect to the remote VPN server exactly as we described above. Please note that you need to choose a VPN that has a server located in your home country, as this is the one you need to select when traveling to access your native content.

Save on content with a free VPN.

Price discrimination still exists. Prices for many digital services vary for users from different regions. For example, the price of a Netflix subscription in Pakistan is almost 10 times lower than in the US. You can assume that a smaller library of content is available there. However, there are statistics on the web that show that this is not the case. In terms of cost-effectiveness, which is calculated as the cost of a monthly subscription divided by the number of content items, the US and other wealthy countries are at the bottom of the list. It’s clear that streaming platforms are trying to maximize profits, but it’s not fair that users from different countries pay unequal prices for the same service.

This is the case not only with streaming platforms but generally in the world of online shopping. To get the best prices for your favorite digital products, use a free VPN. You’ve already learned how to switch between different VPN servers. To save money, you need to choose VPN servers located in countries with a lower standard of living than your location.

So, by downloading a free VPN, you can get access to more content at more affordable prices.