World Space Week: Expand Your Horizons With 3 Mind-Bending Reads

World Space Week kicks off today! To celebrate, this week’s Three to Read compiles some imaginative sci-fi/fantasy stories to fill any empty space in your TBR.

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Since 1999, World Space Week has heralded an international celebration of “the contributions of space science and technology to the betterment of the human condition.” In the literary world, there is no more befitting genre living up to this mission than the cutting-edge storytelling of science fiction. Therefore, if you’re in need of some imaginative new reads chronicling space adventures, scientific discoveries, and otherworldly mysteries, look no further! This week’s Three to Read lineup is truly out of this world.

Hot Pick

Fairy Tale

by Stephen King

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Seventeen-year-old Charlie Reade’s life turns upside down when he inherits the key to a fantastical world brewing with war. With his inheritance comes a monumental responsibility, forcing him into the arduous role of a hero. The journey that follows in this parallel universe is filled to the brim with spellbinding fairytale elements: a magic sundial with time-altering properties, a palace reaching into the heavens, and an epic clash between good and evil.


In his newest release, the king of horror proves he is not a one-trick pony but a diverse and thoughtful storyteller. If you ever doubted Stephen King’s creative ability, this epic adventure tale is an unflinching reminder of his far-reaching talent. Complemented by rave reviews across the board, this hot pick is a masterful dark fantasy novel, sewn together with emotional depth and enthralling characters. It’s also already being pushed toward a feature film adaptation directed by Paul Greengrass!

Coffee Shop Read

The Genesis of Misery

by Neon Yang

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Misery Nomaki (she/they) holds the rare stone-working powers of a saint. However, these abilities often present in those afflicted with voidmadness – the same disease which killed her mother. For years, Misery has kept her powers under wraps, scheming up a way off of her home planet. Eventually, the voice of an angel (or a voidmad delusion) leads her to the center of an Empire riddled with war. Therein, she grows close to Lady Alodia Lightning, a rebel royal, and begins to uncover more about the prophecy of her powers.


This new space fantasy is an immersive introduction to Yang’s sci-fi world full of epic high-tech battles, political ploys, and a diverse cast of personalities. With particularly fantastic representation of LGBTQ+ characters, riveting worldbuilding, and thoughtful plot development, Yang’s newest novel has been described as “a reimagining of Joan of Arc’s story” in the context of a space opera. What’s not to love?!

Dark Horse

The Mountain in the Sea

by Ray Nayler

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Dr. Ha Nguyen has spent her life specializing in cephalopod intelligence research. So, when rumors begin to circulate about a species of hyperintelligent, dangerous octopus developing its own language and culture, she is desperate to study them. Joining up with the tech corporation DIANIMA who’ve sealed off the discovery location of the octopuses, Dr. Nguyen becomes involved in an unprecedented investigation that will bring forth groundbreaking discoveries in extra-human intelligence.


Ray Nayler’s debut dons a scientific lens to examine the nature of consciousnesses and the legacy of humankind. This brand-new release set in the near future will immerse you in a speculative fiction story about the high-stakes global competition surrounding one remarkable discovery. It’s highly original, approachable, and absolutely fascinating. Overall, a great way to pay homage to World Space Week and expand your mind!

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