SDCC Side Effects May Include: 17 Relatable Twitter Posts

With the announcements of new Marvel projects at SDCC 2022 by Kevin Feige, Twitter went up in flames. Rightfully so, now let’s see some MCU fan reactions.

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San Diego Comic Con definitely made waves this year. We’ve been receiving a plethora of content from all angles and we just aren’t quite sure how to react.

As a massive Marvel Cinematic Universe fan, who, like many people can’t afford to go to SDCC, I’ve been searching for any piece of information that I can find out the upcoming projects. And I know Kevin Feige is out there somewhere just giggling in his Miss Minutes baseball hat.


Here are seventeen Twitter posts that gave me a bit of information and some that just made me burst out laughing.

Slight spoilers ahead, but really, Marvel has their snipers on call, so don’t expect anything too big to be spoiled.

This is me all weekend. RIP the screen time on my phone.

As a brief overview and small reminder of just how many projects Feige talked about on the MCU Panels. You can get the full overview here as well!

Some fans even speculated the reactions of rival franchises. And by rival, I mean less good… don’t come for me.

Though I’ve never been ‘done’ with the MCU, I can relate to every emotion in these two.

Though we didn’t see any sign of a Scarlet Witch centered movie, fans are still hopeful! Personally, I would love a Scarlet Witch movie… someone get me Feige’s email.

Also, MCU series aren’t getting the standard number of episodes. Daredevil is getting at least eighteen just in the first season!

Speaking of Daredevil… and all other projects that Marvel has in the works that are featuring African-American leads.

Fans were rocked with new information about Antman and the Wasp: Quantumania.

As a final mention, this cap. What do the colors mean, Feige?! Tell me right now!

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