Lighten Up! It’s Three To Read – Comedy Edition

It’s National Tell a Joke Day! In hope of sharing some levity and laughter, this week’s Three To Read focuses on books that put the fun in funny.

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What makes a book funny? Is it witty characters, absurd adventures, a good pun or two? What about some brutally honest, sardonic humor? No matter what you find most entertaining in a read, this week’s comedic line-up, inspired by National Tell A Joke Day, is sure to provide you with some lighthearted reading respite.

Hot Pick

I’m More Dateable Than a Plate of Refried Beans

by Ginny Hogan


This is not your average self-help dating advice book. Instead, in Ginny Hogan’s witty collection of “romantic observations,” we find quirky and relatable snip-its into all the ups and downs of modern dating. This fun read is the ultimate resource for wacky dating tales, made complete with interactive quizzes. It’s less about self-help and more about finding some comedic commiseration.


Ginny Hogan is a Stanford grad who, after starting out in tech, leaped into the stand-up comedy scene. Forbes deemed her “satire’s rising star” in 2019. Her specialized focus on the topic of dating as a writer and comedian heralds a comforting, relatable, and honest investigation of modern culture. Wherever your romantic life stands, Hogan’s book is a laugh-out-loud, upbeat read perfect for rounding out the summer.

Beach Read

Something Wilder

by Christina Lauren

Image via Amazon


Something Wilder is a charming story that blends together the beloved second-chance romance arc with treasure hunting! The protagonist, Lily, is the daughter of the famous Duke Wilder – treasure hunter and world-class absentee dad. She scrapes by from guiding fake treasure hunt tours in the red rock canyons, feeling largely unfulfilled and haunted by her father’s shadow. That is, until a blast from her past, Leo Grady, returns, kickstarting this story of love and adventure.


The best-friend writing duo behind The Unhoneymooners and The Soulmate Equation follow up their success in the romance genre with this particularly fun read. Christina Hobbs and Lauren Billings (writing under a combined pen name) showcase their genre-blending skills in this recent release, deemed a “wild-west rom-com” by Booklist.

Dark Horse

The Splendid City

by Karen Heuler


This standalone read follows Eleanor, who lives in a police state called Liberty. In a whirlwind of witchcraft, talking cats, and a worsening water shortage, this topsy-turvy novel plays with our perception of reality. Expressly, the journey in store involves Eleanor learning more about her magic and a local mystery involving a missing witch from another coven.


If you’re looking for a more absurd side of comedy and social satire, Heuler’s recent release is just the thing. Long proving her prowess in dark fantasy, science fiction, and short story work, Heuler’s newest endeavor in speculative fiction is engrossing, surreal, and strangely amusing. Sometimes comedy needs some oddity, and Heuler delivers.

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