Gift Your Child’s Favorite Teacher One of These Heartwarming Books

With the school year coming to an end for many people, students and teachers are saying their goodbyes. Keep reading to discover a few books that would make perfect gifts for your teachers!

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Teachers walking with students with the words "Best Teacher Ever" written above.

As the school year is coming to an end, feelings arise within the hearts and minds of students and teachers. While some students are excited for the summer and beginning a new grade the upcoming fall, other kids are nervous and sad about leaving their current teachers. Many teachers play a great role in students’ lives, guiding them through not only education but childhood. Keep reading to learn about books that would make a great gift for a special teacher in your kids life!

1. Instead of Goodbye by Sadie Mueck

'Instead of Goodbye' book cover kids leaving school, waving bye to teachers.

This book follows a class as they approach the end of the school year. The students and their teacher discuss what the future holds. The teacher shares that although it may be difficult to say bye to one another, goodbye isn’t forever. Using the quote, “I’ll see you when I will!” the teacher shows her students that although they might not see each other every day anymore, it doesn’t mean they are forgotten, and that a teacher-student relationship can impact you for a lifetime.

2. Last Day Blues by Julie Danneberg

'Last Day Blues' book cover teacher sitting in classroom with a lot of gifts.

The students in Mrs. Hartwell’s class are worried that she will miss her students too much over the summer. In order to make sure she won’t be too sad, her students decide to put something special together for her. What they don’t know is that Mrs. Hartwell and the other teachers have some surprises of their own for their classes. Both teachers and students begin to realize they are more alike than they think.

3. A Teacher is the Greatest Gift by E. B. Cobbler

'A Teacher is the Greatest Gift' book cover kids drawing on the wall.

This book illustrates the many things a teacher can be for students. Not only are teachers educating their classes, but they also create emotional impacts. Many teachers create safety and community in their classrooms, allowing students to be their true selves. This book would be a great way to thank a teacher for an amazing school year.

4. School is More Than a Building by Kelley Donner

'School is More Than a Building' book cover photographs of students and schools.

Using color illustrations, this book shares the many things school can be for students. Not only a place for education, but a school can also be a safe space for students, a place where they are shown and show empathy, and a place where they are loved. Schools are a place of comfortability and peace for many students. This book would be a great gift for a teacher to show them the impact they’ve had on you.

5. A Letter to My Teacher by Deborah Hopkinson

'A Letter to My Teacher' book cover teacher and student talking.

This book tells the story of an unruly student who prefers playing much more than learning. Causing a raucous in class by jumping puddles or pretending to choke when it’s her time to read out loud to the class, her teacher soon realizes her behavior is due to her not knowing how to read. Slowly, the teacher is able to get through to her and readers learn what the young girl grows up to be. This book demonstrates the great influence a good teacher can make on students and it would make a great end of the school year gift to show your appreciation.

6. Because I Had a Teacher by Kobi Yamada

'Because I Had a Teacher' book cover two bears holding balloon.

Everyone has a favorite teacher. Whether it’s a science, art, or gym teacher, educators inspire, motivate, and uplift the many students they come across during their careers. Through its adorable illustrations, the book shares appreciation and thanks to the very special teacher in your life. Gifting this to your favorite teacher at the end of the school year would be an absolute treat.

While most students are zoned in on all the fun activities they have planned for their upcoming summer, don’t forget to show appreciation to your teachers before the school year ends! Hope you enjoyed reading!

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