Dad Romances: Seven Spicy Tales to Make Your BF Jealous

Where there’s smoke there’s fire, and the sultry heat between a young girl and an experienced man (or two) is too captivating to resist.

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In Romance, there is a subgenre that is quite taboo even in today’s progressive world: Boyfriend’s Dad Romance. In these stories a young woman (typically college age) romantically falls for their boyfriend’s father. Oftentimes the boyfriend cheats, which really makes us root for our naive heroines. When these rare romances also include popular romance tropes – the billionaire boyfriend, the mafia and other morally grey men, forced proximity, and revenge (seduction) – the Boyfriend’s Dad genre has something to offer almost any die-hard Romance reader.

The REAL History of the Age-Gap Romance

Age-Gap romances have been around since the beginning of humankind. In fact, most American heterosexual couples in the early 1900s and earlier had age gaps that are roughly double today’s average. This need arose culturally and economically; prior to that, it was an evolutionary necessity.

In order to pass on strong genetics, the strong needed to reproduce. In human history this concept usually only applied to male leaders in a given community; reason being the traits that made this (male) individual so successful must be continued through offspring to ensure the community’s flourishing thereafter.

Conversely, it was advantageous for women to marry those who were already established – financially, socially, and otherwise. This was a crucial marital practice at the turn of the 19th and 20th centuries during the Industrial Revolution. Women weren’t allowed to participate in the workforce and therefore had no means other than marriage to achieve societal success.

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So why do certain age-gaps make us cringe, while others have us feral for more?

We are firmly in the 21st century. Women are leaders. Women are innovators. Women no longer have to rely on marriage to matter in the world. From a cultural standpoint, this is why the age gap in American heterosexual couples has significantly decreased. The survivalist need of choosing partners based on age is extinct.

Now, that doesn’t mean the kink has vanished. The evolutionary parts of our brains are still wired to desire based on these outdated needs. Our brains literally haven’t filtered and flushed these ancient biases in the last 200 years or so. How could it? If anything, it has emerged in the entertainment industry and flourished thanks in large part to self-publishing accessibility. The majority of erotica featuring age-gaps is indeed self-published.

Is it too taboo for Big Publishing? Maybe. However, the audience is here, hungry and ready to push the boundaries of age-gap erotica.

Common Literary Pairings

These stories are often micro-romances (plenty full-length novels too!) that explore the dynamics of intimacy, trust, and power between the naive girl and their seasoned and sophisticated lovers, and how they navigate challenges to their lust from the jilted boys/exes in these narratives.

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Boyfriend’s Dad Romances are more generally known as Forbidden Romances – these dad romances just have exact parameters that must be met. And who doesn’t love a Forbidden Romance? They are love stories in which people regardless of race, religion, class, etc. manage to find love in unexpectedly risky places. Nearly every person can relate to those stomach-butterflies-fluttering and heart-pounding-out-of-your-chest moments, and that’s why romances will forever have a place in literature.

When His Dad Is a Billionaire

Billionaires and doctors, among other notably lucrative professionals, are cast as the ultimate love interest in these romances.

Praise by Sara Cate

Praise book cover. Black and hot pink close-up of a stiletto heel.

Charlie has been beaten down, bruised, and left utterly broken by her ex. A fresh start at a new secretary job is just what she needs. That is, until she realizes her boss – President and owner of the Salacious Players’ Club – not only mistook her to be a new submissive candidate, but he’s also her ex’s dad. He has her do things a normal secretary would never do. Charlie feels treasured and adored with him, but how far will she go for his praise?

The Doctor by Nikki Sloane

The Doctor book cover. Blue, grey, and black close-up of a doctor's stethoscope lying on an x-ray.

The Doctor will write you a prescription for your pleasure. Cassidy has fantasized about Dr. Daddy for a long time. Too long. She’s watched his hands save lives time and time again. She can’t hide her desire for those hands to save her. Just one problem, Dr. Daddy is her ex’s father.

When His Dad Gets Seduced

Your Dad Will Do by Katee Robert

Your Dad Will Do book cover. Woman in business attire with skirt hiked up on one side and wearing red stillettos.

Lily wants Shane, she always has. She has been fantasizing about his sculpted ass since the day they met. So when her fianceé cheats on her, Lily knows exactly how to strike back. This weekend, it won’t just be her ex who calls him Daddy.

When His Dad Gets Too Close

Forced proximity is an amazing trope! It can be perfectly implemented in fantasy, mysteries, and most importantly – romances.

Birthday Girl by Penelope Douglas

Birthday Girl book cover. Title is picture of a young woman in the pool leaning backwards.

Jordan is nineteen years old, and with nowhere to turn she moves in with her boyfriend. Pike can’t keep his mind off Jordan – can’t breathe when she’s around. He knows he has to try because Jordan is his son’s girlfriend, and now they’re all living under the same roof.

The Tryst by Lauren Blakely

The Tryst book cover, blue background with a royal blue flower and yellow-green stamen.

Layla and Nick shared a steamy one night stand once upon a time. Now she and her ex, whom maintain a cordial friendship must work closely on a charity fundraiser together, under his father’s Manhattan roof – Nick’s roof. Layle knows she shouldn’t want this, but she can’t help but wonder if she and Nick will ever be more than a tryst.

When His Dad Is Too Dangerous

Too dangerous or too sexy? These Danger Daddies truly live life on the edge (of society) and do their best to keep our leading ladies out of harm’s way.

Mafia Mistress by Mila Finelli

Mafia Mistress book cover, pink peony on a black background.

Francesca has been stolen away, by il Diavolo himself – the Mafia King and her boyfriend’s dad. Fausto. His dark power enamors Francesca, but she won’t succumb. She will bring the Mafia King to his knees. She will become the Mafia Mistress.

When His Dad Has a Friend

Sometimes one partner just isn’t enough, and we are here for it!

Claimed by My Ex’s Dad and His Friend by Sylvie Haas

Claimed by My Ex's Dad & His Friend book cover, woman in white lingerie by a window.

When Brett cheats, even after he says he’s waiting for marriage, no one is there to pick up the pieces of her shattered heart. That is until Brett’s dad and his friend want to console her. She’s waited this long to be with a man, and now she wants them both. Despite morally grey motivations, these men will be her salvation.

Age-Gap Romances have seduced their way into romance readers’ hearts – and quickly. Self-publishing has significantly boosted the popularity of this somewhat taboo topic. If it continues to gain traction, then maybe one of the Big Five will be brave enough to publish a Boyfriend’s Dad Romance.

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