9 Fictional Teachers We All Love and 1 We All Hate

Recently, I’ve taken stock of the books I’ve read. In doing so, I’ve noticed a surplus of teachers! Let’s chat about my nine favorite and one we all hate!

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This week is National Teacher’s Appreciation Week! In honor of the real ones, I’ve compiled a list of nine fictional teachers that we all (should) adore and one that I can guarantee we all hate. Also, these are in no particular order, I’m not playing favorites, just listing them. Let’s focus on the positive first.

Professor McGonagall, Harry Potter

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I think at one point we all wanted to take Transfiguration with Professor McGonagall. Though, if she transformed from a tabby cat in front of me, I’d have a mini heart attack.

Mr. Brunner/Chiron, Percy Jackson

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Mans only half a man, but like he’s awesome. Do I need to say more?

John Keating, Dead Poets Society

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The job of a teacher is to inspire their students and encourage them to pursue their goals. John Keating is a prime example of such ideals.

Mrs. Frizzle, Magic School Bus

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Did I know that Magic School Bus was also a book series three days ago? No. Did I immediately read them and fall in love with Mrs. Frizzle again? Yes.

Miss Honey, Matilda

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I fully believe this was the only sane woman that Roald Dahl created for this book. Thinking back though, don’t we all want to be adopted by Miss Honey?

Professor Lupin, Harry Potter

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Remus Lupin was the only effective Defense Against the Dark Arts teacher this school ever had. Fight me on this. Really it’s a shame that he’s also a werewolf.

Mr. Browne, Wonder

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We all have that one teacher who made a profound impact on our lives. That’s Mr. Browne for these kids.

Giles, Buffy the Vampire Slayer

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Watcher…teacher… same premise. Giles fits this list. Was he embellished for the show a little? Yes, but that’s okay because we love Giles in all forms.

Yoda, Star Wars

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Obviously, I can’t exclude one of the most iconic teachers, now can I?

One Teacher We All Hate

I know you’re all dying to know what teacher I think that we all hate. Based on this list, you’re probably thinking, “dang, this girl has no clue what she’s talking about when it comes to teachers that I like!” Well, that might be true, but I can one hundred percent guarantee, complete satisfaction policy, with who I think that we all hate. Not only that, I’m betting you can hear that really annoying song whenever you see their picture.

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It’s Dolores.

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