7 Of My Favorite Book to Movie Wedding Scenes

I love a good wedding scene in a book or a movie & being from Texas, I can spot a good one from a mile away! Read on to see which 7 really caught my eye!

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Characters Matt (pictured left, played by Mark Ruffalo) and Jenna (pictured right, played by Jennifer Garner) stand in front of an open door. Jenna is holding a bouquet of pink flowers and wearing a white gown with a veil in her hair. Matt is wearing a black suit with a white collared shirt and gray tie. A white boutineer is pinned to Matt's lapel.

Ahh, wedding season. During this time of year around the world, flowers are blooming, and love is dancing in the air. Let’s be honest, we all love a good romance novel. But for me, I love a good movie version of those cutesy book scenes. Do I have to skip through the parts that give me second-hand embarrassment? Yes, but I’ve never skipped a single second for the following books and movies. Get ready for a whole bunch of nostalgia!

Araminta and Colin, Crazy Rich Asians

Araminta walks down the aisle to her fiance, Colin. The church is decorated in a lavish version of many Singapore weddings.
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Look, the first time that I saw this movie, I cried. Then I read the book and crocodile tears once again. First off, I know watching the movie before reading the book is a cardinal sin in the bookish community. Neverminding that, the language that Kevin Kwan used in Crazy Rich Asians made me believe that my dream wedding would definitely have to mimic Araminta and Colin’s.

Standing by the altar, Colin gazed at the ravishing bride coming toward him, realizing that all the pain and fuss over the past few months had been worth it. ‘I can hardly believe it, but I don’t think I’ve ever been happier,’ he whispered to his best man.

Crazy Rich Asians, Kevin Kwan

Annie and Bryan, Father of the Bride

Characters George (pictured left, played by Steve Martin) and Annie (pictured right, played by Kimberly Williams-Paisley) are walking down a decorated ailse arm in arm. Annie wears a white wedding dress with long sleeves and is holding a bouquet of white flowers. George is wearing a traditional black tuxedo with a black bowtie. Annie is smiling up at George as he stares ahead with a pinched expression.
Image credit Pinterest
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Maybe Father of the Bride is more niche, but it still deserves its time to shine. The story follows George Banks as his daughter, Kay, prepares to marry her fiance, Buckley. We see the whole story through George’s eyes, and what parent wants their children to grow up? The book was initially published in 1949, and it still holds up as one of my favorite wedding scenes.

Even the girl beside him was a stranger. She was no longer his little daughter, but a beautiful, serene woman into whom all wisdom had suddenly and mysteriously flowed. She stood, poised on the threshold of her greatest adventure, her face lit with understanding and confidence.

Father of the Bride, Edward Streeter

Bella and Edward, Breaking Dawn

Characters Bella (pictured left, played by Kristen Stewart) and Edward (pictured right, played by Robert Pattinson) are in a loving embrace underneath an archway of white flowers. Bella wears a long white dress while Edward wears a black suit with a long coat. They are about to kiss.
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We would expect nothing short of perfection if we all had an Alice and a budget like the Cullins’ to plan our wedding. Bella and Edward’s ceremony and reception deserve a spot on this list. They came. They saw. They conquered. This chapter in the books made me need a box of tissues from tears of joy. It was about damn time for these two to get married, am I right?

In that moment, as the minister said his part, my world, which had been upside down for
so long now, seemed to settle into its proper position. I saw just how silly I’d been for
fearing this—as if it were an unwanted birthday gift or an embarrassing exhibition, like
the prom. I looked into Edward’s shining, triumphant eyes and knew that I was winning,
too. Because nothing else mattered but that I could stay with him

Breaking Dawn, Stephenie Meyer

Fleur and Bill, Harry Potter and The Deathly Hallows

Characters, Molly Weasley (pictured left, played by Julie Walters), Fleur Delacour (pictured middle, played by Clémence Poésy) and Bill Weasley (pictured right, played by Domhnall Gleeson) are in attendance of Bill and Fleur's wedding. Bill and Fleur are in the middle of their wedding dance while Molly Weasley claps excitedly from the sidelines. 
Image credit Pinterest.
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Though we didn’t get the ceremony pictured in the movie, we did get the reception! In a world where magic exists and is used without consequence (for the most part), I’d expect nothing less than this glorious masterpiece that is Fleur and Bill’s wedding. And though the reception was interrupted with news of the fall of the Ministry, we still get the experience of the excited Weasley’s.

The tufty-haired wizard waved his hand high over the heads of Bill and Fleur and a shower of silver stars fell upon them, spiraling around their now entwined fingers. As Fred and George led a round of applause, the golden balloons overhead burst. Birds of paradise and tiny golden bells flew and floated out of them, adding their songs and chimes to the din.

Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows, J.K. Rowling

Buttercup and Prince Humperdink, The Princess Bride

Characters Prince Humperdink (pictured left, played by Chris Sarandon), Buttercup (pictured middle, played by Robin Wright) and Count Rugen (pictured right, played by Christopher Guest) are in attendance at Prince Humperdink and Buttercup's wedding.
Image credit Time Entertainment.
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“But Gracie, they didn’t technically get married.” “Humperdink was only trying to marry her so he could ascend to the throne.” I know, I know! But y’all, the intrigue and the suspense in this wedding are palpable. My mom first introduced me to The Princess Bride and that iconic speech from the Archdean? A common phrase that leaves my mouth on a daily basis.

Fun fact: I had a teacher in junior high whose wedding was themed after The Princess Bride. True story.

Buttercup could picture Westley rounding the final corner. There were four guards
outside waiting. At ten seconds per guard, she began figuring, but then stopped, because
numbers had always been her enemy. She looked down at her hands. Oh, I hope he still
thinks I’m pretty, she thought; those nightmares took a lot out of me.
“Man and wife, you’re man and wife,” the Archdean said.

The Princess Bride, William Goldman

Jenna and Matt, 13 Going On 30

Characters Matt (pictured left, played by Mark Ruffalo) and Jenna (pictured right, played by Jennifer Garner) are taking a picture at the end of their wedding. Matt has his left arm extended, holding a camera facing backwards. Jenna is smiling at the camera while Matt has turned his head to kiss Jenna on the cheek. His nose is smushed against her cheek. 
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Jenna and Matt’s wedding isn’t included in the book. In my defense, it’s implied in the last few lines of the book, and they did so well with it in the movie. I just couldn’t not have it on this list. Their happy ending comes right after Jenna rushes to Matt’s actual wedding in the timeline when she skipped to 30. Heartbreaking doesn’t really begin to describe the slew of emotions I run through with this one every time I read or watch it.

P.S. none of us liked Tom-Tom.

Almost as cool as knowing you were going to end up marrying the sweetest guy on the planet…and live in your very own, very real Dream House–together.

13 Going On 30: A Novel, Christa Roberts

Ella and Char, Ella Enchanted

Characters, Prince Char (pictured left, played by Hugh Dancy) and Ella (pictured right, played by Anne Hathaway) are dancing on a blue carpet. Ella is in a shorter white dress with long flowy sleeves. Prince Char wears a black dress shirt with black boots. Ella's hand is on Prince Char's shoulder and they are smiling at each other in the middle of a dance routine.
Image credit Pinterest.
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In the movie, we get to see our fairytale characters sing a rendition of Elton John’s ‘Don’t Go Breaking My Heart,’ we aren’t as lucky in the book. Nonetheless, we’re still presented with an epic victory for our hero, Ella. Her ‘gift’ from her fairy godmother Lucinda is broken by the power of her love for Prince Char. I’m a sucker for a slow-burn romance like this one, and Ella and Char don’t disappoint.

I wasn’t going to marry Char, that was certain. He looked so handsome, smiling
from our kiss, then frowning in confusion, a smudge of my soot on his nose. I
wiped it off. Saving him made him more mine than ever.

Ella Enchancted, Gail Carson Levine

The characters in my all-time favorite rom-com, 27 Dresses, talk about their favorite part of weddings: looking at the groom when the bride walks down the aisle. I don’t know about y’all, but whenever my wedding comes, all of my focus will be on stepping into my future with the person at the end of the aisle.

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