7 Country Music Artists Turned Authors And Their Books

Music artists are authors in their own right. Want proof? Here are seven country music artists who swapped music notes for editor notes!

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Country music holds a special place in my heart. At the moment, it’s in good standing because I’m going through a period of adjustment in my life, so it’s comforting to go back to something predictable. Artists who thrive in the country music genre like Dolly Parton and Kelly Clarkson have also found a place in the bookish community! Whether it be writing inspiring children’s books, thrilling mysteries, or somber lines of poetry, you’re sure to find something to enjoy in this list of seven books written by famous country artists.

Feel Your Way Through

Kelsea Ballerini

Cover of "Feel Your Way Through" A Book of Poetry by Kelsea Ballerini

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Feel Your Way Through is Kelsea’s way of voicing her thoughts and feelings without her usual musical backing. This collection is much like her songs– personal, emotionally charged, and unabashedly honest. “Just like my songs, they talk about what it’s like to navigate a wildly beautiful and broken world.” Feel Your Way Through by Kelsea Ballerini deals with themes of family, relationships, body image, self-love, sexuality and the lessons of her youth.

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Love You, Little Lady

Brett Young

Cover of "Love You, Little Lady" by Brett Young, illustrated by Airin O'Callaghan.

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Love You, Little Lady is Brett’s open letter to his daughter about the joys of being a parent. Paired beautifully with the illustrations of Airin O’Callaghan, Brett’s lyrics are brought to life in the most heartwarming way. Based off the message of his hit single, Lady, the picture book, Love You, Little Lady reflects the endless love parents feel for their children. Going through the ages, Brett recalls how he felt during his daughter’s milestones and the helps remind readers that nothing will ever be stronger than the love you have for your little lady (or mini man).

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Getting Good At Being You

Lauren Alaina

Cover of "Getting Good At Being You: Learning To Love Who God Made You To Be" by Lauren Alaina

Cover Comment: "Foreword by Trisha Yearwood" 

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Getting Good At Being You is Lauren’s account of her life experience. Though she’s only twenty-six, Lauren has formed a fierce relationship with her God that assists her in spreading kindness and love. From her time in the limelight to her personal life with her family, Lauren gives readers a tell-all Christian based self-help book that many people find comforting. In Getting Good At Being You, Lauren invites readers to take the Road Less Traveled with yourself– admitting your faults and offering ways to combat negative and harsh views you might have of yourself.

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The Jolly Mon

Jimmy Buffett

Cover of "The Jolly Mon" by Jimmy Buffett and Savannah Jane Buffett, illustrated by Lambert Davis

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The Jolly Mon is the physical form of Jimmy Buffett’s song Jolly Mon Sing. The story itself is based on oceanic folklore and Jimmy’s experiences while sailing with his daughter and co-author, Savannah Jane. Accompanied by the bright illustrations of Lambert Davis, The Jolly Mon takes readers to a remote Caribbean island and a man called the Jolly Mon. The man’s beautiful voice and enchanted guitar helped him spread happiness and lure fish for the villagers. Jimmy spins a tale of bravery, loyalty, and friendship in The Jolly Mon!

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Run, Rose, Run

Dolly Parton

Cover of "Run, Rose, Run" by Dolly Parton and James Patterson

Cover Comment: "Also Available: Album of 12 Original Dolly Parton Songs From the Novel!"

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Run, Rose, Run is the accompanying book to Dolly’s latest album Run, Rose, Run. Written alongside world-renowed author, James Patterson, Run, Rose, Run is chock full of intrigue, mystery, and determination. AnneLise is a star on the rise, running from her darkened past. She comes to Nashville to claim her destiny as a country music superstar, however, Nashville might also be her downfall. Readers don’t have to wonder what the songs of AnneLise sound like because Dolly’s got us covered with her album, Run, Rose, Run!

If you want to learn more about Run, Rose, Run, we’ve got ya covered here!

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My Voice Is a Trumpet

Jimmie Allen

Cover of "My Voice Is A Trumpet" by Platinum selling Country Music Artist, Jimmie Allen and illustrated by Cathy Ann Johnson.

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My Voice Is a Trumpet is Jimmie’s lyrical celebration of the many types of voices that can effect change. Leave it to a country music artist turned author to teach kids about the importance of speaking your mind and finding strength in your own voice! My Voice Is a Trumpet comes at a time when social justice is in the forefront of everyone’s mind, so what better way for kids to learn how to speak their minds than with the gorgeous illustrations of Cathy Ann Johnson? Jimmie stresses the importance of valuing everyone’s voice in his very first children’s book.

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River Rose and the Magical Lullaby

Kelly Clarkson

Cover of "River Rose and the Magical Lullaby" by Grammy Award-winning artist, Kelly Clarkson and illustrated by Laura Hughes.

Cover Sticker: "Listen to the Original Song at www.hc.com/riverrose"

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River Rose and the Magical Lullaby is a story inspired by Kelly’s daughter, River Rose. Readers follow River Rose on her big day out to the zoo! The night before, she’s too excited to fall asleep, so her mom has to sing a magical lullaby to send River Rose on a dreamland adventure. River Rose and the Magical Lullaby is a rousing, rhyming tale that kids devour! And nothing can go wrong with the illustrations of Laura Hughes and the accompanying lullaby performed by Kelly!

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Like I said, country music is in good standing with me at the moment! So I’m cycling through the Kelly Clarkson version of Because of You, Dolly Parton’s Jolene, and Jimmy Buffett’s It’s Five O’Clock Somewhere. There’s one thing I know for sure and it’s that country music artists will never cease to amaze me. I sure hope that you pick up a copy of one of these seven books written by country music artists turned authors!

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