6 School-Related Webtoons to Read For Back-to-School Season

Back-to-school season is here. So what better way to start the new school year than reading some school-related Webtoons?

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It’s that time of year again, back-to-school season. But school can be pretty stressful so what better than experiencing it by escaping and avoiding your own reality and reading about someone else’s school life? Here are 6 school-related Webtoons to read.

1. When the Day Comes


Norang and Paran are their school’s perfect couple, except for the fact that no one knows they already broke up. They have to keep their break up a secret because they made a promise to participate in a dance festival as their class’s representative couple. Once the festival is over, they can have an “official” break up. However, they soon discover that ending their relationship won’t be as easy as they hoped.

2. Obliviously In Love


Obviously in Love is a story about August, the new student, and Nol, the school’s popular kid. On his first day of school, August falls (metaphorically and literally) for Nol. From that moment, a friendship between the two begins and perhaps turns into something more.

3. Winter Before Spring


Hana is in love with her best friend, who is also a girl. One day, Hana accidentally confesses her feelings. Her friend accepts her feelings and they start dating. However, she soon finds out the nasty truth about her best friend and why she accepted her feelings. She is then outcasted after their breakup, but a new student arrives who may just sweep her off her feet.

4. Secret Playlist


Secret Playlist is a story about Hanju, your everyday university student except she is secretly the up-and-coming Metube cover artist, PLII. She will do anything to keep her identity a secret. One day, PLII catches the attention of Levi, a popular boy group member, who wants to collaborate. What will happen as Hanju and Levi grow closer while working together on a school project and her cover starts unraveling?

5. Seasons of Blossom


Seasons of Blossom is a Webtoon about a group of young high school students dealing with the complications of love throughout seasons: spring, summer, fall, and winter. It is a story that shows how love blossoms in all seasons where each season portrays a different relationship’s story.

6. Your Smile is a Trap


Kiyu is an ex-idol who is often praised for his appearance, but he wants to live life as a normal high schooler. In order to blend in, he puts on glasses but realizes making friends is harder without having to rely on your looks. He tries his best to make friends despite being socially awkward and manages to become friends with his new seatmate who always has a scowl on her face.

Although you can’t exactly escape from school, you can let your mind wonder away with these exciting Webtoon reads that will help you relax even if for a moment.

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