6 Book Characters Who Would Be Good Neighbors

Imagine if you lived next door to your favorite book characters. Sure you might love them from the books but think about it, would they be good neighbors?

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Have you ever wondered what it would be like to live next door to your favorite book characters? I’m sure everyone has different preferences when it comes to good neighbors. Do you prefer someone who is just quiet and you rarely ever see them or do you like engaging in small talk with neighbors when you run into one another while getting the mail?

“Hey there neighbor, can I borrow a cup of sugar?” seems to be the typical deed that determines if someone is a good neighbor. So, here is a compiled list of fictional characters who I believe would be good neighbors and would definitely lend you a cup of sugar. 

1. Hazel Levesque


Hazel Levesque is from The Heroes of Olympus series and is introduced as the daughter of Pluto in the second book, The Son of Neptune. She would be a bit distant at first as a neighbor, but she’s very bright, outgoing, and sweet once she opens up. Hazel would definitely make a wonderful neighbor and is willing to help out.

Her friends and other demigods might be at her place every now and then making a ruckus. But she would keep them all in check and ensure they’re not bothering you with their commotions. She also has such an easygoing personality that it wouldn’t be hard to get along with her. You would probably have a new friend if you had Hazel as a neighbor. Just make sure not to pick up any gems and jewels you may find around her house.

2. Frank Zhang


Also from The Heroes of Olympus series and Hazel’s boyfriend, Frank Zhang would most likely be a good neighbor. As the son of Mars, he can get irritated or mad easily, but you’ll be on his good side as long as you don’t make him angry. But despite being the war god’s son, Frank is extremely kind. He also has some insecurities, therefore he might be a bit withdrawn and awkward at first.

Even though he can turn into a bear, he does resemble a teddy bear even in human form. He also isn’t a judgmental person which makes him approachable, so no judgment will come your way if you ever need to ask for anything. As long as you don’t cause a fire near him, you won’t have much trouble with Frank living next door.

3. Ella of Frell


Ella of Frell is from Ella Enchanted. She is very independent and headstrong so she would probably loan you sugar if you ask. Ella would most likely be a good neighbor because she is very witty and adventurous, so she’s always up to something. She’ll probably strike up a conversation with you discussing anything from her adventures at boarding school and the many languages she knows. As long as you don’t demand things from her, she will definitely be a fun neighbor to live next to.

4. Peeta Mellark


Known from the famous trilogy, The Hunger Games, Peeta Mellark is a likable guy who is also very generous and caring. He is selfless and compassionate especially when he burnt the bread on purpose so he could give it to Katniss.

Overall, Peeta would be an amazing neighbor and would absolutely let you borrow some sugar and anything else you may need. Don’t even hesitate to ask him. If you become close friends with him, Peeta is the type of guy who seems like he would go out of his way to do things for people he likes and cares about. And if he throws it at you from across the yard, well that’s just a bonus. Special delivery and all that.

5. Luna Lovegood


Luna Lovegood is an intriguing and unforgettable character from the Harry Potter series. She is known for her eccentric qualities but has a calm, serene personality. Luna is also friendly, so it seems like she would be the type of neighbor who would often come over to give you little gifts and trinkets too. She would be a wonderful neighbor because there will never be a dull moment if Luna lives next to you. You won’t only get a cup of sugar from her, but you’ll also get a very amusing and intriguing conversation with her.

6. Mary Poppins


Mary Poppins is an English nanny with magical powers. She is pretty phenomenal, yet a bit strange as well. She’s humorous, sweet, and good-hearted. Mary Poppins is “practically perfect in every way” which is probably how she will be as a neighbor. She’ll give you the cup and probably extras with it too!

To be honest, you might just get all the ingredients you’ll need for the recipe from her. And if you have children, I’m sure she’d love to babysit for a few hours. I’ll even guarantee she’ll have the kids constantly entertained and amused under her care. So if you’re living next to Mary Poppins, then your life will never be boring.

Being a good neighbor can be a way to determine if they’re a good person. As readers, we don’t often wonder if the book characters we read about would be good neighbors but why not try a different perspective with them just for fun?

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