5 Romance Books Cheesier Than Cheese Pizza

Wanna combine two of your favorite things, pizza and reading? Well to celebrate National Cheese Pizza Day, here are 5 recommendations for cheesy romance books.

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I admit a cheese pull while eating pizza is pretty satisfying. But you know what else is satisfying? When you’re reading romance books and you reach that moment in the story where you pause and just take a moment. Then you either bury your face inside the book or into a pillow because of how cute and cheesy it is. Now that is pretty satisfying to me!

So, in celebration of National Cheese Pizza Day, here are some cheesy romance books to read.

1. Perfect on Paper by Sophie Gonzales


Darcy Phillips is a bisexual high schooler who runs an anonymous love advice service for her classmates. They leave letters in a locker and she solves all their problems via email. Darcy’s pretty good at it, but too bad she can’t apply it to her hopeless crush on her best friend, Brooke. Then one day, Alexander Brougham, who she can’t stand, catches her collecting letters from the locker. To keep her identity a secret, she agrees to help him win back his ex-girlfriend. So she just has to help this annoying guy win back a girl who already fell for him before, won’t be so hard… right?

2. Funny You Should Ask by Elissa Sussman


Chani Horowitz is hired to write about Gabe Parker, an up-and-coming Hollywood heartthrob and her all-time celebrity crush. This piece is everything needed to launch both her writing career and him to movie stardom. However, what she doesn’t expect is to spend an unforgettable weekend with him. People start speculating about a budding romance between the two after the interview goes viral. Ten years later, Chani is asked to interview him again after his career declined. What will happen when the two reunite and face those feelings they experienced that weekend ten years ago?

3. The Cheat Sheet by Sarah Adams


Meet Bree Camden. She is hopelessly in love with Nathan Donelson, her best friend and star quarterback. She’s content with her friendship with him until one day, she accidentally confesses to a reporter after drinking too much tequila. Now, the whole world thinks they belong together, causing Bree and Nathan to fake date for three weeks until the Super Bowl. Will they manage the three weeks without changing their friendship or is a different outcome waiting for them in the end zone?

4. Tweet Cute by Emma Lord


Two rival family restaurants plus one grilled cheese recipe equals an ultimate internet love story. Pepper secretly runs the Twitter account of her family’s restaurant, Big League Burger. Then one day, Jack finds out Big League Burger stole his grandma’s grilled cheese recipe and starts a Twitter war in an attempt to take them down. While that is happening, Pepper and Jack may also be falling for each other through an anonymous chat app.

5. Part of Your World by Abby Jimenez


Expected to carry the family legacy of world-renowned surgeons, Alexis Montgomery is content with just being an ER doctor. After meeting Daniel Grant who is a small-town mayor and a carpenter, their chemistry is undeniable and she enjoys spending every minute with him in his tight-knit town. However, their lives are too different and she struggles between her feelings for Daniel and her family’s pressure to continue the legacy.

Make sure to treat yourself to a slice and cozy up with a romance book filled with so many cheesy moments that you’ll crave more cheese pizza or get sick of it.

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