4 Romance Books Where the Heroine Makes the First Move

In romance books, the confession is the best part for readers as the couple finally get together. But oftentimes, it’s the man who takes the lead but what if it was the opposite where the woman confesses first?

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Romance books usually follow a similar plotline where two people meet then they eventually start liking each other with a lot of pining and longing in between. Suddenly, one of them can no longer take it anymore and confesses their feelings to which the other confesses as well. Then, a conflict drives them apart. However, love heals all as they overcome any obstacles thrown their way and reunite. Of course, they’re still madly in love and get their happily ever after. Typically, if there’s a guy then he usually makes the first move. However, there are books with a “Sadie Hawkins” type confession where the girl makes the first move instead. 

“The first move” can mean they initiate a kiss or scheme a whole faking dating ordeal or even confess their loving feelings to the one who owns their heart. So, here are some romance books to add to your TBR where the woman makes the first move, rather than the man.

1. The Love Hypothesis

Romance Books with a Sadie Hawkins plot - girls make the first move

The Love Hypothesis centers around Olive Smith, a third-year Ph.D. candidate. Olive is also a nonbeliever in lasting romantic relationships. She is determined to prove to her friend she is dating. But naturally, she panics and kisses the first man she sees. 

Luckily Adam Carlsen, the attractive professor, and known lab tyrant, agrees to be her fake boyfriend. However, Olive’s career is in jeopardy after a big science conference goes haywire. Not only that, but soon things get complicated in their fake relationship as feelings between them start changing.

And if you’re already a fan of The Love Hypothesis, there is news of a movie adaptation happening.

2. The Bride Test

Romance Books with a Sadie Hawkins plot - girls make the first move

Khai Diep has autism and processes emotions differently. He can feel the “little emotions” such as irritation if people move his things or contentment when ledgers balance perfectly. However, when it comes to the bigger type of emotions like grief and even love, he can’t really process them. Therefore, he thinks he’s defective. It’s why he avoids relationships until his mother decides to find him the perfect bride in Vietnam. 

Esme Tran is a mixed-race girl living in Ho Chi Minh City where she feels like she doesn’t belong. Suddenly, with the chance to leave for America and meet a potential husband, she takes the opportunity in hopes to help with her family’s needs. Esme’s love lessons with Khai are working but only on herself. With Esme’s time in America running out, she finds herself falling in love with him, but he’s convinced he can’t return her love.

3. 99 Percent Mine

Romance Books with a Sadie Hawkins plot - girls make the first move

Darcy has a huge, giant, enormous crush on Tom Valeska and has since she was eight. However, he is Jamie’s, her twin brother, best friend. And despite her efforts, Tom is completely off limits and loyal to her brother, 99%. So, she’s had to settle. When Darcy and Jamie inherit a cottage from their grandmother, they realize it needs some renovations done so they can sell it. 

As soon as the house is all fixed, Darcy plans on moving halfway across the world. However, her plans are put to a stop when Tom arrives to help renovate the cottage. Surprisingly, he’s single and it’s the first time in a decade. Now, she absolutely has to stick around like it’s a chance of a lifetime. Sparks start flying and she won’t be holding onto that 1% of Tom’s heart. She’s planning to make him 99% hers. 

4. Faking Under the Mistletoe

Romance Books with a Sadie Hawkins plot - girls make the first move

Olivia Langley loves Christmas so much that she is always spreading Christmas cheer to everyone. Everything essential you need for Christmas, she has it. She owns multiple Christmas sweaters, loves and will eat all the Christmas cookies, and has definitely watched every single Christmas movie. When she’s in charge of her work’s holiday festivities, she’s the best one to get the job done. 

After kissing her boss in front of his ex at a Christmas tree lighting, Olivia deems herself Santa’s Executive Helper with a surprise task from Santa to ungrinch the grinchiest man. Thus begins their fake dating festivities. Somewhere along all the sleigh rides, snow days, and lots of mistletoe kisses, perhaps something fake starts feeling too real.

Of course, it doesn’t really matter who makes the first move. In the end, what’s more important is the love journey and that the couple FINALLY gets together.

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