4 Retellings of Snow White to Add to Your TBR

The magic of storytelling is how stories are continuously reimagined in unique ways such as Snow White. So here are some fantastic retellings of the fairytale.

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Apples have many health benefits as they’re rich in vitamins, minerals, and fibers. Sometimes it’s hard to resist a good juicy apple just as Snow White couldn’t in the fairytale, especially since the Evil Queen tricked her into thinking the apple grants wishes. Then she falls into a deep slumber from the poisoned apple. After a true love’s kiss from the Prince which saves her, they live happily ever after of course. 

Snow White’s tale is pretty well-known and has been the inspiration and basic storyline many authors have used in their own stories. They often add their own little unique twist in their retelling, so here are some reimaginings of Snow White to add to your TBR.

1. Winter by Marissa Meyer


Winter is the fourth installment of The Lunar Chronicles which is a series containing retellings of classic fairytales set in a futuristic world.

Admired for her beauty, Princess Winter is graceful and kind despite the scars on her face. She is also more breathtaking than Queen Levana, her stepmother. Winter starts falling for Jacin, the handsome palace guard. She then fears the Evil Queen will ruin their romance.

However, something has been stirring against the Queen. With help from Cinder, the cyborg mechanic, and her allies, the princess might have the power to start a revolution and win the long ongoing war. Will they finally get their happily ever after by defeating Queen Levana?

2. A Taste of Poison by Tessonja Odette


Astrid Snow is half-fae with magic that has her mirroring back someone’s worst qualities. Suddenly, the Spring Queen, who is also her stepmother, accuses Astrid of poisoning her father. She runs away to the Seven Sins Hotel, the perfect hiding place for an outlaw within a hotel known for sin. 

Torben Davenport is a bear shifter with scent-based magic that helps him find fugitives. He serves as a personal Huntsman to the fae royals to pay off his gambling debts. He will do anything to pay it all off including finding the Spring Queen’s stepdaughter and cutting out her heart. 

Despite him being a very handsome Huntsman, Astrid tries to make him an ally. What better opportunity than when she accidentally handcuffs herself to him, especially with her heart on the line, and in more ways than one?

3. Shattered Snow by Rachel Huffmire


Shattered Snow is a retelling of Snow White but with a historical time-traveling twist.

Time travel is restricted to observing and research purposes only in 2069. Keltson Grammar, a vigilante hacker known as “The Mirror,” runs an underground empire to rescue unfortunate souls throughout history. But when a single mistake happens, it risks his clients to return to their original fate. 

Trapped within cinderblock towers, unclimbable ladders, and a glass ceiling is Lilia Vaschenko, a Russian mechanic. Willing to do anything to escape, she decides to work for the world’s most wanted renegade. 

Margaretha, destined to be poisoned when she turns 21, finds a mysterious mirror in the woods. When the world turns into shadows and ice, it shattered her future. She is now forced to find somewhere she truly belongs. 

4. Once Upon a Time


Although the television show doesn’t revolve solely around Snow White, her story and character are still reimagined in a unique way. 

Once Upon a Time is a fantasy adventure television series. The show introduces a new world where classic fairytale stories and modern life intertwine. It alternates between the fantasy world where the fairytales happen and the real world in Storybrooke, Maine. 

Emma Swan meets Henry, the son she gave up 10 years ago. Henry believes she is the daughter of Snow White and Prince Charming and was sent away before the Evil Queen cast her spell. Regina, who is the Evil Queen and Storybrooke’s mayor, used a powerful dark spell obtained from Rumpelstiltskin. It froze time in the fairytale world and brought all the characters to the real world as residents of Storybrooke. Emma and Henry with his Once Upon A Time book are their only hope to break the curse.


Even though apples aren’t truly magical and can grant wishes like the witch tricked Snow White into believing in the Disney film, they are still pretty magical in terms of health benefits. So make sure you eat your apples, just make sure they don’t glow green. But just in case, maybe just stick to reading some retellings of the famous fairytale, Snow White

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