4 Fictional Characters Who Would Be Amazing DJs

Readers often imagine characters they love in different scenarios. So why not reimagine a few fictional characters as DJs and the performance they’d showcase?

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Reading is a bookworm’s favorite hobby of course. But oftentimes, their second favorite hobby is listening to music. So what if we took some of our favorite fictional characters and reimagined them in a musical setting? What if they were DJs who are the life of the party playing the best music for the crowds or as Radio DJs who talk to their listeners while playing some of the best songs? Well, here are a few characters who would make some very interesting but nonetheless awesome DJs.

1. Leo Valdez

Leo Valdez from Heroes of Olympus.

From the Percy Jackson Universe, it’d probably be an obvious answer to say any child of Apollo would be a great DJ considering their father is the god of music. But honestly, I think Leo Valdez from Heroes of Olympus would make the most epic and entertaining DJ out of any character. 

Leo is a son of Hephaestus which means nothing is impossible to build for him. He’d probably make the most extravagant and mindblowing DJ set and stage. And the centerpiece will be the dragonhead of Festus. Not to mention Leo’s ability to control fire so his set would be fire… literally. And don’t forget the endless fire puns he’d use too. He’s easygoing, high-energy, very upbeat, and always loves joking around. Therefore, Leo would be such an entertaining DJ and overall put on a phenomenal show.

2. Fred and George Weasley


The trickster twins from the Harry Potter franchise are a force to be reckoned with. They’re mischievous, quite witty, and love doing pranks. Fred and George are a fan favorite of the franchise meaning that in another universe, every single one of their shows would 100% sell out. As wizards, they can conjure up whatever stage setup they want. But knowing them, the stage and entirety of the venue would have pranks and tricks set up everywhere to use throughout the show and even on the fans in the crowd.

I imagine their shows to be similar to the unexpected firework show they did for Professor Umbridge in Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix. Now that would be an incredible set and combined with some awesome music, a show you can’t miss out on. It would be lots of fanfare and pizzazz produced from their wands and they’d probably perform flying around on their broomsticks too. Fred and George would also make fantastic radio DJ hosts too. Listeners would continuously tune in because they find their funny banter very entertaining.

3. Scott Lang

Scott Lang in Ant-Man and the Wasp.

Scott Lang aka Ant-Man is on this list for me because of the scene of him drumming in Ant-Man and the Wasp. He’d be a fantastic performer. Plus, wouldn’t it be cool to see him perform as a tiny Ant-Man or even a gigantic Ant-Man? During performances, he’d totally break out the drums and rock out for the crowds. 

Overall, Scott is a pretty chill, laidback, and hilarious guy. His sense of humor and soothing voice would make him the perfect Radio DJ. No denying the numerous crazy Ant-Man stories and adventures shared in between songs. He would also try to bring some of the other Avengers as special guests. Scott would “interview” them a bit as well as play their favorite song requests. And then Cassie, his daughter, could be a co-host with him too. They’d be a cute and funny father-daughter duo. 

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4. Elle Woods

Elle Woods in Legally Blonde

Elle Woods achieves anything and everything she sets her mind to and she showcases it in Legally Blonde. So you know if she wanted to be a Radio DJ, she’d be one of the best. Elle is bubbly, sweet, confident, and has a positive attitude. Therefore, she’s the type of DJ that has all of the listeners constantly invested and always tuning back in for more.

As a Radio DJ, there would be an advice segment where she’d give out advice on everything from fashion, love, socializing, and so much more. Elle is also very smart and wise so she’d give out great advice. She could even have listeners write or call in for whatever they need help with. Also, her radio would play the trendiest songs.

Honorable Mention

5. Ross Geller


Ross may not be known as the musician in the friend group on Friends, but he does have some musical skills. There is an episode where Ross starts playing his keyboards again and shows them the songs he’s worked on. He really surprised the friend group with his musical talent. And that is all I can imagine for the kind of radio show or DJ performance he’d perform with his very unique songs and renditions on the keyboard. It would be a hilarious show, but entertaining nonetheless.

Honestly, I wouldn’t mind if some of these adored fictional characters were DJs headlining festivals or hosting radio shows in another universe. I’d definitely buy a ticket to see their show or tune in to hear them. 

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