4 Bookish Décor To Make Your Library Shelfie More Beautiful

Books are absolutely beautiful and book lovers show off their collection through a library shelfie. Why not make them more beautiful with some bookish décors?

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All bookshelves are beautiful no matter what. There is nothing more beautiful to book lovers than books. Book lovers often aim to make their bookshelves look very aesthetically pleasing. Then it leads to sharing their pretty bookshelves with a library shelfie. A shelfie is a fun way to show off the many books in their little personal library. So to make your library shelfies even more beautiful, here are a few bookish-related décors to add to your shelf. 

1. Book Lamp/Fairy Lights

Book Lamps can make your library shelfies more beautiful.

Brighten up your library with a book lamp or fairy lights. In my opinion, fairy lights make everything prettier. So why not have a few light strings weaving throughout your bookshelf? However, if you don’t necessarily prefer the strings cluttering up some bookshelf space then try a book lamp. It takes up minimal space while offering the perfect bookish decor to brighten your library.

2. Bookends

Bookends can make your library shelfies more beautiful.

Bookends on bookshelves might seem a bit useless considering the shelves will most likely be filled with books from one end to the other. However, bookends are a nice touch especially if you want to emphasize or highlight a certain book series or author’s books. And the best thing about bookends is how personalized they can be. There’s also a huge variety of different styles available on Etsy which means book lovers can pick one that best fits their aesthetic.

3. Book Nooks

Book nooks can make your library shelfies more beautiful.

Book nook inserts in bookshelves are absolutely beautiful and they will definitely make your library look mesmerizing. These are also super customizable because you can create your own scenery and setting. You can also draw inspiration from your favorite books. Book nooks are absolutely adorable and perfect as part of book lovers’ collections. They’re DIY friendly, but you can also buy them on Etsy. Dreamlandmy and HemispheresCo are amazing Etsy shops for book nooks.

4. Art Prints

Art prints can make your library shelfies more beautiful.

Another type of bookish-related decoration to add to your bookshelf is art prints. You could even have them propped against your books or even hang them up for display with some strings and clothes pins. Art prints add a very nice artistic charm to your bookshelf especially if they’re from your favorite books. Etsy is a great shopping destination to find art prints and support artists for their artwork. However, if you already have an artist in mind, you can check if they have a site/shop set up for their work. 

Honorable Mention: The Organization of Books

Organizing books by color can make your library shelfies more beautiful.

Without spending money, another way to make your library shelfie more beautiful is the book collection’s organization. One aesthetically pleasing and popular method is organizing books primarily based on the color of the book covers. Another way is having your favorite book covers facing outward amidst all the book spines. However, displaying books that have sprayed edges with designs is a pretty option if you have special edition books. And for all the e-readers, an aesthetic digital catalog that looks like reading journals is a possibility as well. Not sure how to organize your books, here are some ideas.

Now make sure to share your gorgeous library shelfies and show off your fantastic book collection! Want more ways for your library shelfie to stand out? Read this article.

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