3 Wondrous Reads to Kindle Your Scientific Curiosity

Creative nonfiction never looked so good! Check out these three new science-savvy reads exploring environmentalism, physics, and deep sea life.

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I may have barely passed biology in high school, but I’m a science nerd at heart. Hand me an engaging nonfiction read (like these three picks), and I’ll go to town and most likely retain more than I ever could through a dense textbook! Such is the beauty of well-crafted nonfiction. It motivates, captivates, and broadens our understanding of the world around us. In conjunction with Science Education Day, this week’s Three to Read line-up looks at the works of three remarkable female authors shedding light on some prodigious scientific topics in engaging prose. These reads are sure to leave you in awe of our planet and reveling in all we know (and have yet to discover) about existence.

Hot Pick

The Climate Book

by Greta Thunberg

Image via Penguin Random House


This incredible new release compiles the wisdom of countless climate experts – from geophysicists and oceanographers to mathematicians and indigenous leaders. The sum of their insights seeks to dispel the general public with all the knowledge we need to fight climate change. Ripe with honesty and hope, Thunberg’s climate volume is full of scientific wisdom and complete with illuminating photos, diagrams, and illustrations.


World-renowned climate activist, Greta Thunberg, brings together an essential handbook for everything related to the climate crisis. Most importantly, the copyright for the volume belongs to the Greta Thunberg Foundation, meaning all royalties will go toward environmental charity. With our planet increasingly strained by human activity, The Climate Book is a beacon detailing the vital scientific efforts trying to keep Earth habitable for future generations.

Coffee Shop Read

The Matter of Everything

by Suzie Sheehy

Image via Penguin Random House


Science and history unite in this eye-opening read about humanity’s quest to understand the tiniest of particles. Further, Sheehy explores how that scientific journey has impacted our broader discussion and debate about the nature of the universe and our place in it. Detailing a slew of world-altering scientific breakthroughs – from the discovery of X-rays to splitting the atom – The Matter of Everything is a storytelling triumph told from the vital and passionate role of the experimenter.


Australian accelerator physicist Suzie Sheehy inaugurates readers into the fascinating history of some of the most impactful scientific experiments that changed how we view the world. In a remarkably approachable and surprising narrative, Sheehy celebrates scientific creativity, curiosity, and collaboration. Above all, she posits that despite magnanimous scientific advancement, our universe is still full of confounding mysteries.

Dark Horse

How Far the Light Reaches

by Sabrina Imbler

Image via Amazon


Taking a deep dive (pun intended) into marine biology – specifically deep sea life – Sabrina Imbler immerses readers into a fascinating isolated ecosystem in a deeply emotional and humanized way. Most notably, they interweave profound discussions of gender and the queer community into scientific prose exploring “a life in ten sea creatures.”


A finalist for the LA Times Book Prize, How Far the Light Reaches made a splash for its ingenuity, making the otherworldly familiar in a part-science, part-memoir narrative. Deeply philosophical, educational, and wholly unique, this group of essays shapeshifts and dazzles and is sure to hit close to home. No doubt, Imbler strikes a beautiful and raw chord in their writing that marries scientific insight with candid personal experience.

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