2023 Valentine’s Day Gift Guide For Your Bookish Lovers

The time has come for partners everywhere to begin stressing over what to get their bookish lovers for Valentine’s Day. Never fret! We at Bookstr have a gift guide to help!

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Valentine’s Day is fast approaching. Perhaps you’re one of the few that has a loving partner that you’re spending the day with. Maybe you’re going to dinner, or the movies. Whatever you might end up doing, you’re probably also going to be doing a bit of gift giving! Now for the bookish love in your life, you might be panicking on what to get them outside of the special-est edition of their favorite book–something that they might have already bought for themselves! Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered with these four gift ideas for Valentine’s Day!

Handmade Lamp Bookmarks, $12

cr. BraydensFinds on Etsy

You can never go wrong with a bookmark! But this one is just a cut above the rest, am I right? Look I’m always down for a novelty gift like this especially if it’s your first Valentine’s together! Or if you’re doing like a basket of things and what some basket stuffers, this is a good addition to the pile! BraydensFinds on Etsy has a variety of colors to choose from and all book lovers appreciate a good bookmark.

Bookish Character Candles & Wax Melts, $7

cr. TheMarvelousStudio on Etsy

Are you still in the earlier stages of your relationship, but a bookmark just isn’t quite enough? Every reader has a favorite character and who can say no to a candle? TheMarvelousStudio on Etsy has a wide variety to choose from–this was just my personal fav. It’s like Jackie says in That 70’s Show: you can never go wrong with a scented candle. It’s the perfect gift. I would definitely recommend pairing this with flowers though–just to give it a bit more oomph, you know? You get it.

Valentine’s Blind Date with a Book, $20

Valentine's Blind Date with a Book, WordSmyth

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cr. WordSmyth on Etsy

Your partner judges books by their covers! You judge books by their covers! We all judge books by their covers! It’s okay to admit the truth. I would recommend doing this gift only if you really understand the types of books that your bookish lover enjoys. For example, if my partner (the fictional one) were to present me with this book, I’d hope it’s a romance book. WordSmyth on Etsy has a wide variety of genres–and teas–for you to choose from when ordering your lover’s gift! I mean, just look at how cute they are! Personally, I’d cry if someone did this for me and went through all the effort of paying attention to what I gush about on a daily basis. Listening and learning is so attractive–seriously.

Personalized Book Locket Necklace, $28-35

Personalized Book Locket Necklace, SilkPurseSowsEar

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cr. SilkPurseSowsEar

Y’all. This is one of the cutest things I’ve seen. Look! They’ll add your photos to it! Or you could do a personalized message. I just–I love love. SilkPurseSowsEar on Etsy has my heart with this because if someone were to go through the trouble of deciding what to write in this little book or put our pictures in it, I might just keel over from an outpouring of love. Typically, I’ll hang lockets like this over my car’s rear view mirror as a reminder to drive safe because there are people who want me to remain here and want me to be in this world. I currently have one with my best friend and I in it, and having a constant reminder that someone loves me like this is just beautiful.

LoveBook, $60


Valentine's Day, gift guide, bookish, love
cr. LoveBook Online

I’ve seen people do versions of this on decks of cards–52 Reasons Why I Love You. I would consider doing this for a more serious relationship, but to each their own! Sometimes when you know, you just know. For instance, my sister and her now fiancé met on Tinder and knew within a month that they were going to get married–and their wedding is in April. LoveBooks are adorable; I see them advertised on TikTok sometimes and I love seeing the reactions of people receiving them. They’re easy to do and they are delivered relatively quickly!

In conclusion, the best gift that you can give your bookish lover this Valentine’s Day is effort. I’m telling you that nothing is more attractive than someone who pays attention to you and invests their time in you. Relationships are two-way streets: if they don’t go both ways then they usually don’t last. So I’m suggesting these four gifts, plus flowers, and dinner, and chocolate and movies and all the other standard Valentine’s Day things!

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