World Bicycle Day: 5 Cycling Audio Books to Hear on Your Bike Ride

Ready for five audiobooks you can listen to while bike riding? For all cyclists, World Bicycle Day is a way to get your exercise on but also your reading.

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Today is World Bicycle Day, a day for all who love to enjoy the great outdoors on their bikes. Everyone remembers the saying, “you never forget how to ride a bike.” Well’ it’s the truest declaration I’ve ever heard. If you are trying to be more outdoorsy or are a cycling enthusiast, here are five audio books to keep your ears occupied. Enjoy the open roads or parks when listening to these non-fiction audiobooks written by professional cyclists and bike riders.

Miles From Nowhere: A Round the World Bicycle Adventure by Barbara Savage


Barbara and her husband Larry go on a gloval adventure on their bikes. twenty three thousand miles, twenty five counties, two years of exploring.

They have met kind strangers who provide them food and shelter. They have faced harsh drivers trying to move them off the road. The Savages have faced the stresses of travel and learning about their relationship. With oddities and personal fun moments along the way, Barbara discusses the strength of their relationship and the places they have visited.

This book is a tribute novel to Barbara Savage, who tragically passed away from a triatholon training accident.

2. Bicycling with Butterflies by Sara Dykman


If butterflies are your favorite, then you’ll love this heartwarming journey.

Dykman was the first person to ever bike alongside monarch butterflies during their annual migration. It was a round trip through three countries and over ten thousand miles.

She made a bike out of recyclable materials before embarking on her nine month bike odyssey. She met lovely patrons, children, and monarch stewards who supported her journey. Of course she met skeptics along the way, but her humor and wit showcase how the monarch butterflies should be saved and cherished.

3. Back in The Frame by Jools Walker


The author rediscovers her cycling passion at the age of twenty eight, after ten years. Walker would blog all her bike riding adventures under the alias name ‘Lady Velo’.

It was hard finding a safe space and community of female colored cyclists. After turning over a new leaf with her cycling, she was diagnosed with depression and had a mini stroke in her 30’s. Her love for cycling has helped her overcome, it was a constant despite the rocky road ahead of her. she overcame her health and discusses the cycling narrative for other women like her and facing her struggles.

4. Revolutions by Hannah Ross


If you are a pro-feminist history buff and love to bike, this audiobook was made for you!

Hannah Ross compiles stories of famous groups and individuals who cycled competitively and strived for change. Set from the 1880s to present times, this audio book discusses the feminist power and issues regarding women who cycle both professionally and leisurely. Distant records have been made, competitive races, and bike records.

Listen to all the most famous women who have used biking as a way to help other fellow women during the suffrage movement. You will explore different female bike riders from India, Saudi Arabia, and Afghanistan, who have inspired other women to cycle.

5. Nala’s World by Dean Nicholson


A man plus a rescue kitten equals an amazing adventure. Listen to the wonderful story of how author Dean Nicholson sets from Scotland to around the world through cycling.

Three months after leaving his home to bike travel around the world, he finds an abandoned kitten on a remote road between the mountains in Montenegro and Bosnia. He decides to take her in and nurse her back to health. He soon puts her on his bike and they both bond on the trip. Both curious and full of adventure and resilience, these two companions enjoy discovering new people, cities, refugee camps and helping animals along their trip through Europe and Asia.

Choose an audio book and stay informed about the cycling world and other people’s amazing around the world bike adventures. For more on audiobooks go to Bookstr for more information.